Astrological art of seduction


Tips for women how to enchant a man, born under a certain sign of the zodiac…. and what to do in dealing with a man, and what not.

The ARIES man

March 21 — April 20

The woman should be: — to do so, it seemed to him that he is seeking you!

— to be bright, vibrant and sexy irresistible;

to avoid monotony in a relationship with him: boredom for Aries — unbearable.

The TAURUS man

April 21 — May 21

Recommend to the woman, must be devoted, cute and appreciative listener;

— much flatter and satisfy his vanity;

— to support all its business ventures;

— to show that sensuality — the most that neither is a strong character trait;

now it remains to be seen what type of music and food prefer this dreamy lover, and consider that you won!

It is not advised to the woman: — in a relationship with this sign ahead. Taurus can’t stand when it comes;

never brag about the past love life of my own;

— to restrain yourself when slowly but surely will begin to Taurus to be in bed feverish passion.

The GEMINI man

May 22 — June 21

Woman Try:

— be sensible in bed, and in life;

— inquire about what is happening in the world, even if you have to get up an hour early to read the Newspapers;

Woman don’t try:

— fall under the power of this sign;

— to avoid boredom in your relationship (boredom for Twins is even worse than the malleability of the partner).


June 22 — July 23

The woman put to:

— develop your sensuality, to be soft, gentle and loving;

— to learn to be tolerant (although, we understand that for many of you — it’s not easy);— Cancer prefers more home birds than flying “butterflies”;

— learn to cook well;

to be sensual, but not to exceed the sensuality of Cancer.

— to be a “blue stocking”. Cancer under the sheets — not so shy!


July 24 — August 23

Advise the woman:

— to be fiery and dynamic, but not to exceed in the Lion;

— to make the lion was always a leader (or at least thought so);

— to inspire the dreamer in you as a partner, love of pleasure;

— to make the lion has always remained in the spotlight (even if you think that now it’s your turn). or wait until, until you master it.

I do not advise the woman:

— ever to command a Lion (although, paying tribute to justice, the lion does not like full servility);

to criticize this romantic lover, especially in the presence of strangers;

— blame the Lion for extravagance. Even if you are threatened with complete destruction, we have to accept that!


August 24 — September 23

Woman seeking:

— to be emotionally restrained, especially in the days when the male Virgo does not like everything that you do;

— become a good friend to him, in the beginning, until he find in you something more enticing;

— prepare yourself for the fact that the virgin-partner may be unstable, until the paranoia, on any occasion;

— to appreciate how much he works, and to praise him for it;

this sign loves equality in the intellectual sense.

The woman does not aspire:

to criticize itself (bad if you are this sign);

— to undermine confidence in the virgin herself;

— teasing him, flirting with others, even if you do it on purpose to attract his attention.

The LIBRA man

September 24 — October 23

A woman should:

— to be more decisive when the situation arises-the question: “should or Should not. ”

— to create the impression that your sweetheart always felt that you can not do without his advice;

— to interest him in his knowledge and passion for the art;

— lover’s cherish every way possible;

— to let him know from the beginning that you’re opponent disputes, like himself.


— in any case, to say the Weights, he looks older than his years — men of this sign are so proud of the preservation of youth; — to apply pressure when making important decisions, if any, actually, resists his will;

— if you do not see the response, it is too hard to achieve this beloved — it is difficult to tell you that you are wasting your time.


October 24 — November 22

Recommend to the woman:

to look sexually attractive, but not always explicitly calling;

— be prepared to talk about any sexual topics (shy candidates can directly take a bow) ;

— to maintain in good shape your body — lover-Scorpio likes to look at;

to criticize the sexual manners of a Scorpion, unless you decided to end recent novel;

— to be with him too wacky or dramatic; this is permissible if you own the Scorpion.


November 23 — December 21

Woman try:

— to show that you are with the same ease can be for Sagittarius and friend, and lover;

— as clearly as possible to show all the positive qualities of your personality;

— learn without unnecessary reaction to take it straightforward and sincere statement;

— to be always energetic, as your lover is Sagittarius!

— remember that life for him is a pleasure, and therefore the sexual side is not in last place).

— to the beloved-Sagittarius found you in a really bad mood;

— wait, that’ll be the way you want it or as it was yesterday, Sagittarius can’t stand stereotypes;

to expect from Sagittarius declarations of love, he always said he prefers action.


December 22 — January 20

The woman put to:

to wait for the large manifestations of ardent passion;

— to violate your lover promises;

— to criticize his family, relatives, friends, political views, and his sexual abilities.


January 21 — February 19

Advise the woman:

— try to seem the same impassive, unemotional and cool how he tries hard to appear;

— remember that this sign can devote himself to various kinds of activities, so worry about yourself: get a few of my own favorite cases;

— first, to work hard to impress his intelligence;

— to understand that Aquarius is always the freedom of the spirit, therefore, before the onset carefully think over the tactics of seduction.

I do not advise the woman:

— ever “snap” of Aquarius in time or space;

— to begin to seduce him when he is clearly in a bad mood;— to hint to him that you are too soon and not too fond of them.


February 20— March 20

Recommend to the woman:

— to think about how to show a loved one that is still in the world there are old-fashioned novels;

— to create the impression of an incredibly affectionate and passionate nature, even in a time when you have a bad mood;

— don’t be shy to show sentimentality, not to hide tears at the tragic drama of nature;

— suggest to him that children and animals are most important for you;

— to convince him that you have never loved; and only now and only with him felt true love!

It is not advised to the woman:

— ever to hurt his feelings;

— to focus attention once again on its impractical attitude toward money, as it is well known that it is impractical;

— looked for someone else when you are near this easily vulnerable lover.

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