How to win a man.


What do you love him?

What attracts a woman like you, a man-RAM? Most likely you are in bondage to the charm of his insinuating voice, you bribe his energy and naive enthusiasm, which he unsuccessfully tries to hide under the mask of a man who is tired of life, takatsukasa daily and don’t entertain any illusions.

This mask need Aries to impress others, because deep down he fell believes that cynicism evidence of life maturity. Such is the nature of Aries – not even as a teenager, he with boyish aggressiveness will strive to get all new, much-desired toy.

And to hide this property of his nature, he will always play the role of a strong and courageous person, which, however, will not make it difficult, because he really has some leadership qualities normally attributed to “real” men.

Aries first – born conqueror of female hearts. Moreover, seducing a woman, he does not trouble himself long courtship for this he is too impulsive and impatient, besides the art of diplomacy does not belong to his strengths. Quiet and discreet communication does not conform to his ideas about the modern world and human relations.

The male Aries is not romantic, not a gentleman, which is inherent elegance of manners and charm actions. He rather prefers spontaneity, sincerity and candor, aroideae intuition. By the way, thanks to intuition, the RAM sometimes visit just brilliant insights. His style of behavior – swiftness, suddenness, unexpected love impulses, sometimes taken for provocative actions.

If you are shocking immediacy and excessive boldness of his actions are aimed at the conquest of your heart, it is better reoriented their romantic expectations of a person born under a different sign of the Zodiac.

Aries can often seem too severe as the doings and sayings. He recognizes something of diplomacy in the relations between himself and never tries to be tactful, and prefers to speak directly and to act “straight”, which often gives all grounds to consider it too aggressive, especially in conflict situations.

Aries prefers war in the open, when it is clear who accuses. Lie for him as ugly as scheming or cunning. He wants to know your enemy in the face, to be able to toss the gauntlet of challenge right at his feet and fight openly. Many don’t like him, and the reason for that excessive confidence in their own infallibility, insufficient samaritanism, arrogance, arrogance, attempts to manage everything and everyone.

Ambition often causes him to do things simply boorish. He himself, however, is not aware of it due to a distorted impression of his own person. As a result you may experience some difficulties, and sometimes dangerous conflicts, so the partner must learn to restrain his impulses and to help him to curb his rudeness and lack of manners.

It should be noted that most of the failures of men-Aries are a continuation of its advantages! This is so, although it seems paradoxical: sincerity, courage, faithful to its own principles and beliefs just don’t allow him to behave differently.

Proud, obstinate, and disobedient by nature, always straightforward, it selects the shortest path to the goal. And not just because he was sickened by all connected with the intrigues. Unwillingness to look more subtle and diplomatic behavior is largely due to impatience. He wants to get everything at once! Waiting is exhausting him psychologically: the long path to the goal makes it less attractive. Aries “burns out” before reaching the end point.

Similarly the case in the relationship of Aries women. The path he paved to a woman’s heart is never is like a maze – it is too afraid of getting lost or hit a dead end. From the beginning he does not hide his intentions. The best strategy for him is one that will produce concrete results. As for the details – love games, courtship, and so on – is it worth spending precious time on such nonsense!

If the immediacy of the RAM will not push you away, when you just get to know, may be assured that bores you then be with him! He will be able to create an atmosphere of passion, surrender to the power of crazy impulses, to vary daily with fresh feelings: he loves stormy life, when circumstances compel to action, because the activity – the key to his happiness.

Only in action Aries feels joy, his life motto would be “action for action”. Inactivity fatal, he hates routine, and the thought of boredom leads him to fear. Of course, many women are attracted to a life filled with emotions and passions, but for some it does not fit: strong feelings entirely overtake the person may be burdensome for the partner and cause misunderstanding and even fear.

If you belong to people who prefer some restraint in expression and perception of emotion, if not in your book “open soul”, the man born under the sign of Aries, is not likely to be your best partner. But if your soul own demons of passion just waiting to burst out, then Aries the partner that you need. He certainly will not disappoint your expectations. However, remember that passion is evident in the heated debate, clarifying the relationship, jealousy, and all of it hurts sometimes hurt more than you think. The fire burning in the heart of your chosen one, can burn.

Think about it, are you willing to love and hurt at the same time? Are you ready to pay for the intoxicating night day shed tears? If all that doesn’t scare you, if you feel strong enough to go through the test of love the fire of Aries, you can be sure to forget this man will not succeed!

It is known that even under the best of romantic unions quarrels happen. Lucky you: Aries forgiving. He quickly forgets slights, not to hold a grudge. Your arguments will be violent, but short.

Your partner is not petty, not able to game and the irony of nothing, will not make you miserable with reproaches. He’s not a conformist, not a prude and does not tolerate these qualities in others. Himself too straightforward, and sometimes even cruel, he hates rudeness and crudeness.

For Aries characteristic slightly naive approach to life: being a gullible man, he perceives reality in a distorted way. It seems that life is a fertile field, and people are like wheat grains that are sprinkled with Holy water! Your task is to help him to come back down to earth, wider, to open the eyes of the surrounding world and dispassionately, calmly look forward soberly assessing what is happening.

Aries – individualist, often poses a unattainable goal, it is plagued by an impossible desire. Your beloved is able not just to find yourself in the dead end of their own fantasies that have nothing to do with reality. If you designed for his happiness, if he was a support in difficult times, don’t let him stumble and fall, try to keep him from the last misstep, when he decided to break through the wall with your head, find themselves on the path he has chosen.

Know that he will never trust you at your word, if you try to convince him of the futility of any undertakings. Only when the error becomes obvious to him, he will listen to what you wanted to say to him.

The man born under the sign of Aries, as a rule, does not achieve any success. This happens for two reasons. First, intentions that he wants to implement, it is absolutely impossible. Second, characteristic of Aries impatience does not allow him to seriously and methodically to do some task that requires constant effort and time.

It needs to immediately see the results of his work, and very soon if they don’t come his way, he quits his job and immediately switches to something else. That is why its activity, whatever it was connected, will produce external rather than give a specific result. Man-RAM can, perhaps, be compared with a child who wants to get to the goal, but jumping on one place, and creates an awful lot of noise, not caring that he is not in the least moving forward.

So if you’re a man of specific actions, if for you the most important thing is the result, you can annoy him “demonstrations”.

You can of course try to explain to Owen that his action is more characteristic of effectiveness than efficiency, but confident in his infallibility, he is unlikely to want to listen to you.

If you’re brave enough to go through life together, Aries will have on you and the positive impact: fill the gap the idea and its implementation. He will be the embodiment of action, his motivation, the quintessential activity.

You will be able to guide actions, to guide them, gently push your companion you to your chosen goal. He will realize your ideas, of course, if you have enough strength and patience to convince him that it is his initiative.

As you can see, the Union with a male Aries and has many positive sides.

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