First date with a girl. How to behave


Hello, dear reader. Today I will tell you about how to behave on a first date. Yes, Yes, you heard right. First date is the most memorable moment from how you will prove to be, will determine your relationship with the girl. There are several options, but most likely, or will the second and following date, or they will be no more. So, how to behave on the first date, and we’ll talk.

Planned, more precisely, it is assumed that you already took the first step and invited a girl on a first date. No matter how and where you met her; or is Dating in the Internet. or you met and liked each other on the street,

or already known her for five years, but you must, I repeat, you should invite her on a first date. No hinting, no matter what other relationship, just invite. If you are interesting girl, she will go with you “eat”, or go rollerblading. There is no need to invent anything, you can just call and say “Great weather outside the window. Maybe go for a walk?”. If she agrees, great. Consider the introduction you have gone. Now starts the story itself, but rather a theory.

Let’s hope that you have taste and you have chosen a good place for your first meeting. Because if your relationship goes any further, rest assured, this place will remember. That does not mean that you have to work to find something unusual. Just the place must be good, nice and quiet, not a concert of some rock bands that you like and she can’t stand rock. Or you took her to a soccer bar, but she doesn’t like football. For a first date will go quiet restaurant, not far from her home, a table must be selected in advance so that you didn’t sit the hell down and not waited until the vacated table. Remember that girl will pay attention to every detail and your every puncture it will be taken into account.

Importantly, as quickly as possible to foist the girl a glass of wine or cocktail while Dating!

So, the chosen place, she invited a date to be appointed. What now?

Put aside the excitement and emotions! Only in order to be convincing, from here on in I will go with you now “you”!

Generally, soaring! Don’t panic and listen here! In the end, you are the man! Let worried about it, what to wear and how to look. Once you have agreed about a meeting, don’t call her or write, especially on the net! If she is giving you a boost to the dialogue in ICQ, good is not over! The two of you together on the first date will Nabataeans! Can search the Internet about the moral self-knowledge, I mean something interesting, some facts and stories to charm a girl with his eloquence.

If you find nothing, think! Yes, the girl will not care even if she accepts she will not show and mind because basically, when you’re telling stories, she will not hear you! She will laugh, pretend to be interested, but in the mind will think, or what an interesting young man, or how quickly to get out of here.

Your task is to make the girl think about you and not about how to get out of there. But you don’t fancy it much, and you will begin to say, we went with the spear at the bear in the forest and cut it open, and then have children fried cutlets and treated them local Teleuts, anyone would suspect!

Not be amiss to examine the interests and Hobbies of the girl, very well help mutual friends (if they are), but even better is her page on the social networks.

Before the first date, take a shower, shave all the excess vegetation on the body, bring her hair in order, but burdock oil don’t brush them. You do not pop and not a deacon. Gel your hair is not too umadevi not live in the nineties, Canary blazers already don’t wear!

What to wear?

T-shirt with a similar inscription is quite suitable for a first date. In any case, the girl will understand that you have a sense of humor.

You should impress a girl, and look so that she feel comfortable with you and not shunned in society. Don’t need to turn into a colourful bird, which has every detail of glitters and shimmers. And expensive clothes of leading brands, which shows: look at me on the butt plate with Dougie and Guzzoletti! This means, I have money! These girls show off involuntarily begin to milk!

Wear something nice, tasteful, show that you’re a man. In you come, the girl will be able to evaluate you, it will definitely make my own conclusions. Choosing clothes on a first date, watch not only to see that she was comfortable to you, but also pleasing to the eye of your companion. For example summer flip flops for socks and t-shirt – “shopping bag” that you like, is unlikely to be appreciated by the girl. To shock his new girlfriend, coming in Scottish skirt on bare hairy legs, just not worth it! First, you can freeze most intimate places, and onlookers will meet quite a few! And it will start to hesitate, wondering what you got there is under the skirt and how it looks! Yet it is ours, it is the prerogative of men, dreaming about the shape and color of women’s panties under the skirts!

Take care that you exuded a subtle delicious flavor and not taste of garlic out of your mouth with chapped lips! And, by the way chewing gum would not hurt. Well, or at worst recently eaten a tangerine or a Cup of smelly coffee.

Whatever happened to flowers. Not too big, but not meager bouquet. It would be great if you know in advance what flowers she likes the most. Her friends, for example, or at least ex-boyfriend (just kidding).

And that all preliminary preparations have been completed, you’re already in the restaurant, everything is great: you’re kidding, she laughs, helping her to undress, get her up and beautiful gesture we call the waiter, ask him to bring you a menu. If the waiter a long time no, don’t be nervous and don’t show your anger. At this time, sit quietly and continue to joke and entertain his companion. To me, if the two of you will be silent, then you immediately had to go to a concert at the Philharmonic. You are here to talk, learn about each other.

And not to eat, as if you arrived with a hungry Cape, as do many men! Come with ladies, order a plate of dumplings and eat, without raising his head! If you do, you will only have to burp and let the bottom of Gaza.

Maintain a conversation, if you feel that he’s fading. For example, if she says: “And after this incident, I decided to become a philologist”, you immediately ask a counter question: “Oh, cool! My friend also chose this profession, and how do you like it?”.

In General, make sure she (your partner), there was no time to get bored, and even more so to sleep. Don’t forget to make compliments, don’t overdo it! Joke, only not gone! Can ask about her ex-boyfriend, only to watch, but it is quite possible it will not be too pleased, it is important to calculate this point.

About your ex-girlfriends is recommended not to speak, only one, and that you and her supposedly for six months, no ties! Because at this point, your new passion catches all these phrases, and make certain conclusions.

Fear not, and be free. If there will be dancing, then be sure to ask her, even if, as she says, she can’t. “I will teach you. tell her you. Even if you bear stepped on the ear and you can’t fabricate ball PA and twist rollicking caper still go and try to dance with her! This is a critical first step to your rapprochement with her!

After a good night, take her home, if not far. If far away, call a cab or take, if you have a car, it’s all good!

And don’t forget to say goodbye, you were good to her. If all goes according to plan, then you probably will not even kiss! If the girl is you’re not even on the cheek is not a kiss means something isn’t liked, specifically, everything.

Follow these simple tips and you will succeed. Remember the main thing is that it all depends on you, so stay yourself.

And another tip, with the girls all like in prison don’t trust, don’t fear, don’t ask. But with few exceptions – always hope for the best!

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