How to win a man – guaranteed secrets

Statistics relentless — every year the gap between the number of women and men is growing steadily.

In addition, almost a quarter of them can be set aside by reason of alcoholism, drug abuse and complete inadequacy.

In the face of such competition, many women go on the hunt for the men, like our ancestors on the mammoth: war paint, a militant sparkle in her

eyes and in her purse “weapons of mass destruction”.

But for some reason all the tricks, placing nets and traps are not so good and work.

On the contrary, men are spoiled to our attention, become very choosy.

They get scared when the woman in the eyes of the “secular grief over the man’s shoulder”, when the clothes like Amazons mysterious jungle and when the woman is active and somewhat aggressive take the management into their own hands.

So I forget about these common mistakes and come to the question of the conquest of men efficiently. That is, this means that we are looking for a man to live happily ever after, not because of the prestige or because “the time is out”.

And first, let’s define what we really want?

Without answer the following questions, all movements are simply meaningless.


1. First, honestly answer yourself, and whether you need man? If so, why? If in order to not be worse than others to become better than they are now, or because it’s so accepted, forget about it — you are not ready to have a serious and lasting relationship.

2. If you already have someone in mind, ask yourself, and really I want this man to live life . to Wake up every morning and die in one day? Even if tomorrow he will become poor and persecuted by society?

3. What are you willing to sacrifice for the men in your life, and what should not? And are you ready? For example, your man will likely not like to appeal to your male friends and have to abandon the weekly get-togethers with them. Are you ready for this? In answering this question, you will understand — a whim or a really big decision.

4. As my diligent search of the second half will affect my health, work, personal interests?

And now, in answering these questions, you will become quite obvious what motivates you and what your true desires and goals.

And if you for yourself, perhaps with some disappointment, but a clear understanding to realize that it is still not ready for a relationship, then close this page.

Further information for those who are really “ripe”.

Little psychology.

Perhaps this Chapter will seem a bit boring and lecturing, but having understood these basics, you will always accurately determine what type you are interested in a man and, consequently, how to get their grasping of the handle.

First, determine what psychological type he is:

Visual. Man this type “loves his eyes”. In his speech, you will hear words like: I saw, watched, in my experience, we’ll see. When meeting he examines a person’s appearance, neatness, elegance. If you want to captivate, we pay special attention to your wardrobe. Do not dress too revealing- “visual” prefers to imagine what lies behind the chaste clothing.

Audial. “Likes ears”. It is perfectly perceives information on the hearing, it quickly learns, analyzes. Likes to talk. It is more effective your voice and what you say. So if you come in fancy dress, with gorgeous legs from the ears, and say something stupid or ridiculous, nor dress nor legs will not save . With such a man you must have something to talk about, we have to interest him with his erudition, wit and sense of humor.

For such men it is important bodily contact. He will try inadvertently to touch you, to feel your fragrance. In his speech used the words: I felt, feel, enjoy, nice, impressive. It is to the heart of this type, and the path lies through the stomach. Feed him delicious that smells good. Pick a subtle perfume. Wear clothing that is pleasant to the touch. Do not pour heavily lacquered hair — they must be “alive” when touched. And if you want to captivate a man, then let it lightly touch you and do it subtly, excites his imagination.

Smeshannyi type. Such men are difficult to single out any particular psychological type. But at a sufficiently careful observation, you will be able to identify something more explicit.

However, we should not forget that in every person to some extent have all these psycho, so the question about the conquest of men have suited comprehensively and creatively, with special attention to the limits shown.

Thus, we determined the psycho interesting for us men, well, or, at worst boss, to resolve any operational issues.

Answering the question, to which psychological type is your choice, you determine for yourself method, what will attract a man.

Now take it to one of the groups according to the degree of adaptation to external changes:

High degree of adaptation to external environmental changes. They make quick decisions, quick answer questions, respond quickly to the situation. However, the downside of this behavior is a certain haste in the issuance of decisions. Later, he may well think about, to regret and change their decision. Therefore, with such men it is better not to rely on his first impression and first decision.

Low degree of adaptability. Such men around all day long thinking, slow in his actions, movements, reactions. Sometimes called “mattress” or “brakes”. But, if there is adequate, they have the “Golden” quality – they take a balanced and, as a rule, an objective decision. Such a person will consider all the pros and cons of any business, and rest assured, will offer the best option.

Adequate degree of adaptability. The reaction of such a person directly depends on the circumstances and external actions . He calmly makes the decisions and if necessary, it may be postponed for a better time.

It is easier to refer the man to one of the groups, because the quickness or slowness of reaction inherent in the nature and obvious to others.

Although, at times, in different situations, we act differently, but, nevertheless, something is bound to prevail.

This classification of men into three groups important to determine how much time it will take to conquering it, and what should be the order of your actions.

And last but not least, the gradation dependency of your men from the opinions of others:

the Man is completely independent in making decisions. He can hear other people, but finally decides as it sees fit. It is, as a rule, leaders and policy people. Keep in mind that they are not simple in their family life. And if you have leadership instincts, and think before you conquer this man.

making a decision, the man focuses on the opinions of others – friends, acquaintances, media, head, etc. there is a small disadvantage – he rarely defends his opinion. if it does not coincide with the majority opinion.

And, finally, the man, regardless of the opinions of the parents. This so-called Mama’s sons and daughters. A very difficult type of family relationship, but if you decided to associate with your life, then be sure to live separately from their parents. Otherwise, your love is doomed.

Defining a man by this classification, you figure out another area in which it is necessary to make additional efforts.

So, using the proposed classification in this article to determine which is your man what he likes, not loves. What could be of interest, and what not to pay attention.

Make it a complete portrait.

And in the next article we will begin to consider strategies for each type, using which, you are guaranteed to interest any interest to you man.

And I remind you, first of all, decide for yourself – do you really want this man, is whether you have a soul to it, interesting if it is for you and desirable whether the changes it will bring into your life.


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