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Often on a first date how women are going to the parade or fair where we have to sell themselves: “if a man desired to meet me, I will stand before him in all its glory, will wear the best, you pour over a half bottle of the best spirits. Yes! And the skirt is definitely shorter!”. How to behave during the first meeting? How to avoid common mistakes on a first date? How to make a man quickly wanted to give you a second date? And what errors during a first date women commit most often.

Error 1

You talk a lot about their strengths and about yourself. The man — being practical, it is sure that good needs no advertising. And too hype, anything (especially self), causes a rejection. Besides do not forget that all men are by nature leaders. They love to be caressed by the attention, and is extremely skeptical to relate to ladies who from the very beginning of the relationship tend to put ourselves at the center of the conversation and the universe.

Error 2

You talk a lot about their shortcomings. “Oh, please, I’m not so beautiful as you say. Just got a haircut today successful! Yes, I was prepared… And actually I have hair protruding ears stick out… And still speak with a Lisp when I get excited. Yes! And all the time you lose your keys and money!” The principle of “to tell the truth” is definitely good, but not on the first date. Why would you intentionally canonicalise? Why disturb your man to see you as a beautiful Princess, worthy of love and adoration? Never argue with a compliment that you say. Best reaction to any spoken compliment is a nice smile and easy thanks.

Error 3

You defiantly painted brightly. War paint “a La Amazon before the attack on the lost tribe of men from the nearby island of” men perceive as the last degree of female desperation. “Poor thing… she wants me to like me!” they think, and with sighs call you home, it is necessary though something to you — such a doll — please… If you don’t know how to make beautiful moderate makeup, ask someone who have more skills than you. For the sake of first impressions, you will agree that it is worth the try.

Error 4

Talk about the problems, complain about life. Men mortally’t like disaffected women. In a world where now and then happen defaults and crises, and competitors strive sit and move, a home for men should be a safe haven. If in the Harbor waiting for his depressive wife who clock tells how hard it was for her to live in this world, he simply did not want to return home. And if the woman will show itself in all its glory on the first date, stating that she has “the aching legs, the tail falls off”, then a second date will not be exact. Attempt to fall in love with a man through pity is a losing tactic, least of all the representatives of the stronger sex want to be home by psychotherapists, even if during business hours, they are doing exactly.

Error 5

The story about the expensive dreams. Even if you meet the oligarch and plan to use it to buy a brand new Maserati, a few sable fur coats and a trip on the azure coast of France, — in any case do not tell him about your plans on the first date. Men nose can smell a female materialism and flee from them as from fire. Not less than you, it is important to know that you were “going out” is not on his wallet, and he himself is such a beautiful, courageous and unique. Women who want to increase his value in the eyes of men, often encounter the opposite effect: their value as a potential wife drops sharply. Man seeking woman with whom he would have been better than one. Including in material terms. If he’s going to perceive you as a black hole that sucks the life out of the unfortunate victim, all earned, he prefers a dreary bachelor existence costly and hungry life with a beautiful wife.

Error 6

Talk about marriage. Understand correctly: to plan for the future — that’s fine. But not at the first meeting, when you have not really had time to look at each other and see if you need a partner, and talk about two acres of land in the suburbs, four children (three boys and one girl) and joint dog breed husky. A man of such plans perceives as too hasty attempt to throw on him the yoke. Therefore, freaks out, gets up on its hind legs and begins horrified to count. Or just running away without saying goodbye.

Error 7

You tell him about your past romances. “Here’s my first nick was very fond of nail biting, I told him and fingers at night pepper was rubbed, and hand beat… But my eighth Dima made even the pedicure itself was washing my socks!” So why would your man be aware of your extensive, almost “don Juan” experience? To compete with all these virtual Vasya and Kalami? Believe me, he will not do. And you probably remember him as a very intelligent woman who could not get along with any man, but still wants his life to ruin. Don’t forget that a woman should be a mystery. A list of your victims of repression this puzzle you deprive.

Error 8

Behave ill-mannered. Even fed by the Internet, capricious child, speaking exclusively to the “Albanian”, is to forget on a first date words like “tin”, “sucks!”, “Cho”, “wow!” “patstalom” and “Yes Noah!”. With a man who showed interest in you, try to communicate in their native Russian language. Believe me, the representatives of the strong half of mankind appreciate it very much. As expression of your femininity is in the details: beautiful women’s silver laughter (and not in the horse neighing), graceful gait (not marching step)… However, this is not the case one evening and not even a day. Some of the ladies to achieve such an effect can not entire life. But to strive for the coveted men’s ideal is definitely worth it.

Error 9

At the end of the date you offer to meet him. Like it or not, the man always wants to be the conqueror and the initiator. If the vertex submits to him without a fight, he immediately loses interest and is looking for a new. Remember that a woman should always remain slightly out of reach”.

Error 10

The first date you agree to have sex. The rule is not without exceptions. There are different dates and different is sex. It happens that a man and woman are so attracted to each other, to avoid intimacy just couldn’t do it. And here it is not in levity, and in the harsh ancient instinct that takes over, regardless of any social restrictions and rules of conduct. In this case, the advice given is simply meaningless. In other cases, — see the previous paragraph and remember that a real Princess to be won. Learn to enjoy the whole process of rapprochement before came naturally interchange. Sometimes he can be sweeter and more pleasant than the sex itself. All these fleeting glances, longing, hints tones, sighs… — who has not experienced it, does not know all the charms of love.

Error 11

You say, “I don’t have sex on the first date”. Your man probably heard this phrase so many times that hearing it from you, he will most likely sigh and resignedly think, “Okay, next FIFA, which wants to sell more expensive…” As has been said, men in the woman appreciate some unavailability. And when you make it clear that you are quite affordable, but on the second and subsequent dates, the interest to you quickly cools. So at the end of the date it is better to refer to urgent business and with a sweet smile to thank my companion for the evening. Especially if you have to thank for that.

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