Encyclopedic dictionary of Flirting

The Abbot Prig – resident of Korolevstva, successfully combining his faith in God and faith in people.

Ad – a resident of Korolevstva, combining predatory habits of romantic temper, is an example of a dying breed romantic monsters. With the other monsters in their territory gets bad; willingly profit in Baltiansky Prairie (Cm. “pals”); after the desertion Unattended Bar fell into depression, resulting in more than three years of virtualhibernation, which, however, was looking out a couple oftimes… Waking up in a blissful mood, promises some framebut possibly alive and moderately interesting talents neighbor.

In short: ad: serpent, sometimes winged, sometimes evil.

Alan Free Eagle is an inhabitant of Korolevstva, chick mythical Bird ROC (not to be confused with nationalist organization!) hatched on light 300 years ago. Is the favorite nephew of Princess Julia. Is particularly discreet and absolutely no ability to catch flies. Free time prefers spends in the fridge (Cm. “Fridge”), and nesting on the baobab tree (Sm. “the tree”). Armed with plasmagun and bacteriological bombs (Cm. “Bombs”).

Alice – resident Korolevstva, reincarnation radio operator kat (Cm. “the radio operator kat”).Different high tendency to ask as a matter of innocent questions.

“Alice in Wonderland” is one of the religious books of Korolevstva

Alf Gordon Samuel – resident of Korolevstva, reincarnation Free Alan Eagle (Cm.”Free Alan Eagle”), which served as the prototype of the hero of the famous TV series. Distinctive rudeness and refined rudeness.

Atasnya (it – Satin) Goosey is a resident of Korolevstva, the reincarnation of one of Eugene’s Yellow Submarine (Cm. “Jack Yellow Submarine”). Differed pseudonana spontaneity and enviable appetite.

Bal – a virtual dance party organized by someone from the inhabitants of Korolevstva or by order of Her Highness Princess Julia. Usually includes several pre-announced dancing, during which the Ladies talk with their Cavaliers about this or about that. In the course of the Ball, all these conversations indulge in publicity and become public.

Bumbry – resident of Korolevstva characterized by a complete absence of the body, whose hands, feet, ears and Tail are growing directly from your scalp.

The baobab is an iconic tree, from time immemorial growing in the vast Korolevstva. Gives shelter to Free Alan Eagle (Cm.”Free Alan Eagle”)and is subject to a kind of worship and ridicule for local residents.

Barmaglot is a mythical creature, described by Lewis Carroll. Occasionally appears in the company of his best friend Brandimage. [Cm. “Alice in Wonderland”]

Behemoth – resident of Korolevstva, the cat, who all through. Particularly laziness and excessive consumption of gasoline, which prefers to drink straight from the stove, with whom and not leave ever.

Snow white is a charming lady who once visited Korolevstvo, and lost their gnomes.

Library – a collection of prose and poetry stories written by residents and for residents of Korolevstva. For the first time systematized and presented to the public by Lord of Darkness Rif Robin-Ohm 103 year page Korolevstva.

Bapna is a particular kind of respiratory viral disease widespread in Korolevstva. Affects the organs of sight, speech and printing, causing temporary difficulties in communicating with their own kind. [Princess Julia]

Brandishing is a mythical creature, described by Lewis Carroll. Occasionally appears in the company of his best friend Barmaglot. [Cm. “Alice in Wonderland”]

Brother Fox is an inhabitant of Korolevstva has a higher love and a very confusing family tree. Is relatives with almost all the Ladies Korolevstva and its environs, embracing “sisters”. For a long time was in charge of the Tavern (Cm. “Tavern”), the Ambassador of the departure from there of Kucharochki (Cm. Kukharochka). 103 year entered into a virtual marriage with Eugene Yellow Submarine (Cm. “Yellow Submarine), after which the Tavern began to decline. Currently settled down almost never emerges from his Burrow (Cm. “hole Brother Fox”).

Bomb is a special kind of bacteriological weapons used by the Free Alan Eagle in the most extreme situations.

Broccolini little – dwarf breed of roskolnikov living in the vicinity of the castle of the Princess Julia. [Princess Julia]

Bunker – a mysterious house of knight Quartz (Cm. Quartz, knight), wherein the special secrecy of the location and plenty of outlets located in all parts of Korolestva hidden, usually under mounds with dove or manholes.

Jack – a resident of Korolevstva, the former king, now a freelancer. Education was trying to get at the Academy of Classical Astrology, banished for “laziness and nahozhdenie classes in” from the last year. Tramp “beer for life”. Without a certain residence. Records “” the Books of the various States, which could be data about the origin of the V. long and firmly nibbled by mice.

Valkyrie – the reincarnation of the Baby Maggie, who lived in Korolevstva 101 year.

Currency Korolevstva – preserved according to legend in ancient times, the main currency of Korolevstva was considered the sausages with the profile of the Dowager Queen Mother on skuse. In the period of Troubles centuries occurred between the Ancient and Middle, the currency has lost its value and now almost never used.

Dowager Koleva-mother is a resident of Korolevstva, according to historical legend, the first reigning Queen of Flirting, a founder of the Royal dynasty.

Harm is one of the most common qualities among the inhabitants of Korolevstva.

Photodraw and Dravograd – shaped little weakly investigated reasonable living trees in the forests of Korolevstva. According to unconfirmed rumors – carnivorous. Discovered in the year 104 [Hippo and the March Knight]

Dwarves – the classic representatives of his tribe. The first dwarves were brought into Korolevstvo snow white in 102 (?) year, but, immediately on arrival, escaped and got lost in the surrounding woods. Some of them went wild and survivors marked the beginning of a few very small colonies of gnomes. The main limiting factor for the distribution of dwarfs in the territory of Korolevstva was considered to be the Main activity Korolevskogo poisoner Maestro Yorick, has long been fed to the dwarfs sincere dislike.

City Bailiff – resident of Korolevstva, one of the reincarnations Rifa Robina (Cm. “Rif Robin”), arbitrarily assigned the duties of supervision of observance of laws. Narushiteli caught on the location of the violation, be punished Bailiff personally publicly draws them mustache purple marker.

Count – one of which lived for some time in Korolevstva, and taught its inhabitants to scare tea.

Grey Witch is a resident of Korolevstva, early reincarnation of the Dowager Queen Mother (Cf. “Queen Mother”).

Grushinsky festival is a real place of the annual gathering of the most mobile virtual inhabitants of Korolevstva.

Goblins – classic representatives of his tribe. Particularly dullness and stupidity, and on and are used mainly in construction (Cm. “Gallentry”) and in the various adventures of the Dark Forces.

Gallentry – name construction organizations performing most of the work on the construction of all kinds of locks, repair of roads and bridges Korolevstva, etc.

Grimley – manual amusing animals. Main place of activity – Cloud castle. Sometimes can be very aggressive, prefer to attack in groups, excellent command of his natural weapons – big sharp teeth, often do not even fit in their mouth. [Rainbow]

Geese-Geese – a resident of Korolevstva, the reincarnation of one of Eugene’s Yellow Submarine (Cm. “Jack Yellow Submarine”). Differed sarcastic sipailou.

The Lodge – the habitat of Korolevskogo janitor Sir’a. Located under the Grand staircase of the Castle, Her serene Highness Princess Julia.

Deadman – resident of Korolevstva that were once dead, but in consequence of the gracious influence of the atmosphere of Flirting and personally of the Rainbow come alive. And even more than…

A road paved with yellow bricks (DURC) is one of the main thoroughfares of Korolevstva (for details, see “Guide on Korolevstvo Flirting” and “Map of Korolevstva Flirting”).

Dravograd and Photodraw – shaped little weakly investigated reasonable living trees in the forests of Korolevstva. According to unconfirmed rumors – carnivorous. Discovered in the year 104 [Hippo and the March Knight]

Dirizhabel – exclusive vehicle owned by the Lord of Darkness Reef Robin (Cm. Rif Robin). Is particularly volatile and is often used as a place for the application of advertising.

Duel – creative duel between two opponents. Being in verse, prose or free form. Unlike Tournament (Cm. “Tournament”), the Duel is more categorical in nature and can end virtual-moral destruction of the opponent. Although on-site Korolevstva duels are strictly forbidden by Royal decree of Princess Julia, but, nevertheless, are the place to be, albeit rarely.

Holes – not studied not studied. Discovered in the year 104 [Mad Hatter]

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