5 answers to the question I’m pregnant, what to do next


Many women dream of becoming pregnant. But two strips on the test is able to enter into a stupor and force us to think seriously about the future life. But if pregnancy is not only unexpected but also unwanted, the girl and does not know what to do next. See more details below.

Now, the woman asked ourselves the question: I’m pregnant, what to do next? First of all, you need to decide whether the desired child, or not. To find out it was sometimes very difficult. For example, if a woman is married or

has a permanent and serious relationship, in this case, the arrival of a baby is quite logical and natural phenomenon. But there can be a lot of “but”. So, probably, the relationship between the couple deteriorated so much that has already been talk and divorce. Of course, the child can unite husband and wife, but more often than did the circumstances are different. Anyway, her pregnancy and the unborn baby can not be used for reanimation of the family and relationships, nothing good will come of it. In addition, it is likely that at this stage of life the couple decided to pursue his career and to his feet, but the appearance of the child may disrupt all plans. But this does not mean that the birth of the baby will put an end to the life of a couple! It is not so. For example, you can build a career and at home, as many employers are going to meet pregnant women and provide an opportunity to work at home.

Now another case. So, the girl got pregnant from the first counter or young person with serious difficult to call. Of course, the lady may have recourse to the guy and shout “Darling, darling, darling, I’m pregnant! “. But will it help? Probably the guy just run away and hide. Certainly possible, partner at Harbor feelings for the girl and will gladly react to this unexpected news. If not, then in any case to become a single mother is not so scary. For example, one should not forget that parents never leave in the lurch, and, therefore, will help to raise a grandchild. If a pregnant woman is an orphan, but still does not have its own living space, then, naturally, the situation becomes much more complicated.

Many women who decide to terminate a pregnancy, the rest of your life second-guessing your decisions and blame myself. So remember that children are flowers of life. The child is a native part of that will love and always no matter what.

In this part of the article should discuss the case of unwanted pregnancies. If the girl was not ready for the emergence of the child and thinks, “I’m afraid I’m pregnant”, it makes sense to think about abortion. But before making such critical decisions should soberly assess the situation. In fact, many women, seeing two strips on the test, panic. But, having given birth to her long-awaited baby, they just can’t see how at some point in their head could slip the idea to abandon the child and not to bear it. In addition, we must not forget that abortion is a serious intervention and a big burden for the organism. It is likely that after an abortion a woman can never have children. Pregnant should talk with the future father of the child, and also with their relatives. Probably some of them will offer their help in the education of the future little one, and convince the girl that you need to give birth.

But there are circumstances that literally force a woman to terminate a pregnancy. So, perhaps, was the place to be rape. Moreover, it is often an indication for termination of pregnancy are some health problems. And some girls have not only a steady partner, but also any relatives, and even housing. In such cases, the bearing and child rearing can be possible.

So, if you decide to terminate the pregnancy, then it should be done as soon as possible, as the interruption on early terms involves minimal intervention, as well as a small risk of complications. Before the period of 5 weeks you can have a medical abortion. Until about 8-10 weeks you can do the vacuum abortion, then the only possible operational interruption (it is being made no later than 12 weeks).

Some girls become pregnant while taking oral contraceptives and I believe that in this case, just needed an abortion. In fact, it is not so, as scientists and doctors do not have any proven information about the negative effects of contraceptives on fetal development and pregnancy.

Now it is necessary to talk in detail about the case desirable, but an unexpected pregnancy (in case, if it was expected and planned, she wouldn’t think about what to do, as probably already planned). In General, the psychology of a pregnant woman differs from the psychology of ordinary people. The expectant mother is very insecure and afraid, she is at a complete loss. Following is a suggested example in the case of pregnancy.

First of all, seeing the two strips on the test to determine the pregnancy, is to sit down and relax. Well, of course, you can scream or a little jump for joy. But swoon just does not follow.

2. The second step is the realization of her pregnancy and the fact that life now will change dramatically. No, the baby is not the cross and not the end. But, of course, his appearance is a big change.

You can then tell about what happened to his partner. Many people think how to tell the guy (man) that she was pregnant. This can be done in various ways: placing in a prominent place the pregnancy test by writing a note or text or saying all the right in the eyes. Of course, it is better to report a pregnancy in a personal conversation, because then will be able to see the reaction of men.

When your partner has to know that going to be the future Pope and believed in it, you can discuss with him the upcoming changes. It is worth remembering that often men do not realize the seriousness of the situation until, until you begin to feel the changes for yourself (night crying baby, as well as personal involvement in the care of the baby). And that’s fine, so don’t require a partner too much. For example, one need not detail to go into detail the psychology of fatherhood. But the material side of the question to raise is necessary.

Binding effect of a pregnant woman – a trip to the doctor. Usually be registered in 6-7 weeks. For example, the gynecologist will perform a regular inspection, interviewing the mother and prescribe tests. Trips to the clinic will now become a regular part of the lives of women, should be ready for it.

In addition, it is important to review your lifestyle. No bad habits, stress and other negative aspects. The health of the unborn baby – that should be a priority.

Definitely need to plan a family budget, and also to calculate the costs associated with pregnancy, childbirth and care for the baby. It is advisable to prepare for birth and to set aside some amount of money for the purchase of Cribs, strollers and other things. Need to make a list of necessary and evaluate the costs associated with acquiring the particular things. This will determine the amount of costs and planned revenues and expenditures.

In conclusion, it remains to add that the pregnancy (even if it is unexpected) is not a reason to think that now life will end and it will come down to education of the child. Motherhood is wonderful, it allows the woman to open from the other side, and understand that the baby is healthy. So, after learning about the pregnancy, you need to look back calmly and only then to decide whether to give birth or not. After all, the life of the baby depends on its mother. And it is worth remembering that from any of the most difficult and seemingly hopeless situation can be found out.

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