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Happiness. Daily quiet happiness together with the beloved man or next to the woman. What is easy and what is difficult desire for many people. Systemically vector psychology not only helps to find a mate, but also allows you to see in the future or her elect the negative side, which can quickly reduce the euphoria of first love.

Apart from the fact that many people, even those living in large cities, can’t find a mate, finding her, we don’t really know how to build relationships, to interest each other did not fade after a few years of marriage. We can see in the partners flaws that can cost the least of our

nerves and most of life. We don’t know how to get sharp corners and to avoid conflicts.

Systemically vector psychology of choosing a life partner

This necessary and simple thing as understanding your own husband or wife, seems to be something incredible, when in the cycle of daily life, we lose their love and affection because of the many small and big conflicts, which over time become more and more serious and nerazreshimyj, bringing the relationship to a complete disorder.

Systemically vector psychology is about building relationships. Paragraph 1 – the search for a partner

Primarily systemic vector psychology dispels the myth that somewhere on earth each of us has a soul mate. If this were so, then living for the fateful encounter with the one and only, we would have simply ceased to exist as a species.

One in three people in our environment can make us a couple. If not, and you are tired of waiting Dating with someone who will cause a storm of emotions at the first meeting, then it is time to change the environment and social circle. And to do it correctly will help to systematically vector psychology.

To do this is not difficult, no matter where you live, given the limitless capabilities of the Internet that allow you to specify any search parameters and to choose the partner from a huge number of candidates you will attract.

Systemically vector psychology about the relationship

Systemically vector psychology is not recommending that women seek husbands abroad. Only certain type of people with anal vector, looking for wives in other countries. And that makes them do it is not the inability to find a pair in their country.

The man who wants to marry a woman of foreign woman starts to show signs of frustration, which in the further joint life will manifest itself very quickly, in criticism, developing incrementally and is able to walk to verbal and physical sadism.

Systemically vector psychology is about building relationships. Item 2 – definition of the human condition

Systemically vector psychology opens us a whole new vision of the world and each person. For acquaintance with her, there will be no more needless searching and unanswered questions “Why is he like this? Why would she do this?”

Systemically vector psychology is an exact science that reveals our psyche, in which lie the answers to all your questions, and offer accurate system of mental device of the person. Once acquainted with the eight vectors of our psyche, divided into 36 properties of, any person will be able to precisely and accurately understand their lives, their own actions, but also in the actions of others, loved ones and strangers.

For example, some people are born homebody, others crave big profits, the third is not interesting nothing from the material world, forcing them to immerse themselves in religion, philosophy, or go to Tibet. Who what and why this is so and not otherwise, learn to see systemically vector psychology .

Realizing each person from the inside, which allows you to make vector systemically psychology, we easily understand who is in front of us, after a few minutes of dialogue or a brief correspondence on the Internet.

Systemically vector psychology – how to understand your partner

And then the invisible man, had he lived even to the other end of the world will not hide from you that he is inclined to masochism, or maybe for him it is just another sexual victory, after which he will not want to have business with you. Or on the contrary, it developed and implemented person seeking a reliable and loyal partner for life.

Systemically vector psychology allows to unravel the internal state of each, and it doesn’t matter, getting it on the Internet or a chance meeting on the street.

Systemically vector psychology will save you from unnecessary disappointments and bad experiences, which can take years of living together, sooner or later, threatening to turn into ruins.

Systemically vector psychology of long-term relationships. Item 3 – lay the Foundation.

The modern world dictates its own terms, even in such an intimate issue as relationship. We used to have fun quickly and without hesitation, without worrying about the fact that we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to converge at a higher level than sexual attraction.

Systemically vector psychology recommends to get together to communicate, to find common interests and directions, creating intimacy and slowly with physical proximity. If you meet on the Internet, do not ask the caller to send you all your photo album and even more to talk online. Don’t lose the fragile relationship that has arisen between you, instead, build up the desire to see, continuing to communicate only by correspondence.

Give yourself at least a few weeks (more is better) on the emergence of a really strong bond, and only after that try to meet in person.

Systemically vector psychology – how to create relationships

The same advice gives systematically vector psychology in relation to real Dating. Physical intimacy, as much as not attracted you desire, will be able to speak for not more than 3 years, after which the man and the woman often seem to each other unbearable. Because in addition to sexual desire need common interests and the General direction that connects the two is much stronger and will maintain a relationship when weakened libido.

Numerous reviews of people who have received training on system vector psychology, suggests that even those who had previously made only unions or unsuccessful for a long time suffered from loneliness, finally, find their “soul mate”. And not just the first person, namely the person with whom happiness can be absolute, because there is a mutual understanding and the ability to find the easy way out of difficult situations.

Systemically vector psychology can help save the family when relationships are on the verge of disorder. Misunderstanding that only happens because of ignorance of the intrinsic properties of the people close to us, can be overcome.

Slowness one ceases to annoy the other. Isolation and silence begin to be perceived quite differently. Disappear problems in sexual life, system vector psychology allows us to understand the sexuality of the partners, their needs and desires, bringing love life to a whole new level.

All this happens due to the change of the internal state of the person, which becomes the result of acquaintance with a system vector psychology, and therefore with itself and with any person from your surroundings.

Because systemically vector psychology is the science of our mental living us, defining our desires that determine our capabilities and, most importantly, concealing a huge prospects for happiness.


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