How to seduce a man

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How to seduce a man – scientific knowledge

You doubt that the knowledge of how to seduce a man, it’s science? Why? because this knowledge is being systematized, generalized and proved, a long time ago are one of the most exact of Sciences of mankind.

To verify this has the opportunity of any man and any woman: one, becoming seduced, the other — seducing. Seducing, using simple scientific knowledge, which is replicated, literally, in every gloss in every women’s website.

Yes, what: any regional newspaper from the heartland of our vast open spaces, long ago, almost in the column editor, has published, at least once, the science of how to seduce a man.

Of course, if the editor is not inveterate moralist, and the district authorities are not sitting Communists or the Baptists.

A short course in the science of how to seduce a man

The science of how to seduce a man, is based on four main principles:

1. A woman who wants to seduce a man, you need to be next to a man . who is capable and able and willing to have sex with women.

Besides, sex with women in General, as such, not necessarily with this woman.

2. A woman needs to feel, and it is better to see, lured by the man that she wants sex.

3. The seduction is that the woman shows the man that she, IN PRINCIPLE, agree to have sex with this man.

4. To seduces the man refused to have sex with this woman . from easily accessible and, therefore, unimportant and not interesting events, a woman must be “hooking klyunuvshih” man.

The chip shot is to create a woman of barriers to access to your body, of varying complexity, depending on how badly the man was seduced by this woman.

All of these principles can be summarized in one point: To a woman to seduce a man, it is necessary to awaken the Basic instinct to guide him in his side – become the woman he wants and will implement this instinct.

Moreover, depending on the tasks of women, he will realize its Basic instinct:

— here and now – having sex with her in the short term, from “right now” to “wait a bit”;

— will be long and hard to Woo this woman, himself, seducing her for sex, or long coveted sexual intimacy. Type, with the promise to marry, and even with the execution of this.

Here are some simple and effective ways of implementing these principles, how to seduce a man:

Ways to seduce a man

1. To seduces the men, the woman, first of all, the female sexual partner.

And, therefore, the female should be neat, well-groomed and with signs of health, not pain. That is to seduce a man, a woman has to “look after themselves”.

2. If lured by a man is not homosexual, he is interested in very feminine women.

That is to seduce a man, you need to be sexy to show him all of their sexual differences. Starting from the voice, and ending with the unobtrusive demonstration of the charms of his female body.

That is, simply: male “bite” in the woman all that he is not.

3. To seduce a man, and in dress and in behavior, you need to avoid two extremes:

— closed-isolation and inaccessibility;

— openness, frankness and accessibility.

These two extremes are only attracted maniacs, impotent and sexually frustrated, “hungry” (read: sexually inadequate men.

4. Learn the basics of flirting.

It is the woman’s behavior when she seduces a man, playing with him “cat and mouse” — that pretending to be a victim, then running away from him when being unavailable.

And so, until you bring it to the desired state of sexual passion.

Here, the main thing is not to become valid in the role of a mouse – not to be crudely raped. Or: so roll up the man of the legwork for themselves that he will lose interest in this woman how to reach hard to get.

Conclusion: the science of how to seduce a man, as you can see, very simple, clear and unambiguous.

Committed to its principles, to seduce a man is very simple, anyway, sex.

Personally, I like a man, do not understand why some girls and women are asking this question: How to seduce a man? Because in life, usually more pressing question: How can I get rid of the man?

And if, DESIRED the man does not pay attention to a woman is not offended by it, then it is worth considering: do we need it at all, in principle, to seduce?

Knowledge of how to seduce a man, for whom and why?

If there is a question and it is the answer, then it is necessary for someone. Only, after all, is not always a question, because something someone unknown.

And it is not always the answer, even proper, serves the greater good in the field of life, which this answer and question relate.

That is, I will say it bluntly: there are questions and answers, widely launched to the masses of people for basic washing their brains – to promote ideas and actions based on them.

Strange as it may seem, but I’m sure questions and answers, how to seduce a man, just because of this series. And here’s why:

1. The seduction of men, has always been considered immoral and unethical . in the history of public morality and personal morality of men and women.

People in the mass, always correctly assumed that the seduction of men — is the lot of fallen women: prostitutes or lewd women.

Because, in the framework of morality and ethics that does not fit a woman using her body for sex as a means to obtain goods of life.

2. Someone will say that to seduce a man not necessarily for selling sex or debauchery.

Well, what then? To marry him? Very questionable activity: using science to prostitution, how to seduce a man to create a family.

After all, offended the man, as a male, this is the essence of seduction, and the family is life with a man, with man, and no, sorry, with Pribluda Kobel’kov or dog, give to their billeting.

3. How to seduce a man for sexually affair? To not die of sexual abstinence, and life to diversify?

Well, excuse me, even leaving the morality and ethics alone, any more or less sensible woman understands what you’re going nowhere in her life.

And, moreover, there is no need to have a lover for a time or for a few months, wonder how to seduce a man.

Enough of this man to choose to have on the horizon, and just start with him to have sex. Why all this kindergarten with seduction and other conventions that even today kids are funny?

4. I mean, all this massive, skillfully maintained, public interest in the issues, how to seduce men and women, essentially, NOTHING and NO one, not important and not interesting.

And experienced adult men and women, it is simply ridiculous. Well, as they read and hear: Squeeze, as if by accident; open not one but two buttons of the blouse, and stuff like that!?

5. Excuse me, and without all these “smart” revelations how to seduce a man . any most downtrodden city girl and an old peasant woman, will do it at the expense of “one-two”. Im a man only give”.

What can we say about women who read books and the Internet are? They need to seduce a man?!

Yes, any of them, just by its presence, seduces, seduced, of course, if she wants it. And, if there are men within their visibility.

6. But if it is, then, it is necessary for someone.

If copy-paste, raritat and write all new articles, instructions, how to seduce men, and not less than this how to seduce women, then there’s a social order.

And social? – and whether women and men, in their mass, is it? But whether it’s society in General, especially the newly adorned yourselves with the garb of religiosity?

In my opinion, all these — children, primitive game in love and in sex, they do not only unnecessary, but also not interesting.

7. And they need to uncles and aunts, who, owning factories, mills and ships” and, of course, the main mass media, shaping public and personal consciousness of the population.

Though, of course, form a reason, and that it was lost in the crowd. Because of the crowd, already, brainwashed, are concerned that they, brainwashed, put.

Let it be the idea, for example: Who does not jump, he Moskal! Or that, once again: Our life is the most fair and progressive in the world! Or that: the Party and the government know what they are doing!

Or, how a bunch of small, innocuous at first glance, the ideas, such As: how to seduce a man, woman?

Most importantly, after all that? – to make the person a harmless idiot, type of buyer in the market, which, even seeing that his weight wrong and cheated says: thank you!

In other words: Let, there, they, offended each other, sexultra as I want with whoever you want – have fun, just do not cry. Because, from a cry to a showdown with the offender, the path is very short.


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