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The Prosecutor of the Moscow region demands to stop the manipulation of crime statistics

On 6 February in Moscow was held a final extended Board of the Moscow region Prosecutor’s office, which in addition to prosecutors, adopted by the heads of various law enforcement departments, the Governor of Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov, the Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in the Central Federal district Alexander Beglov.

Opened the Collegium of the Prosecutor of the region Alexey Zakharov, provided the floor to Alexander Beglova.

Plenipotentiary representative of the President noted that last year the number of reported crimes in the region decreased by two percent, however, the crime situation in the Moscow region remains difficult.

– There is progress, but at the same time half of the crime remains unsolved, and that a very large percentage, said Beglov.

According to him, the priorities of the Prosecutor’s office shall have: the fight against corruption, the rule of law in the conduct of election campaigns, events and combating illegal migration.

Alexander Beglov appealed to the suburban prosecutors with a request to pay special attention to the observance of the law to provide orphans benefits to enroll in universities.

– President of the Russian Federation on 3 February signed a raft of Federal laws, including amendments to the law “On education “, in which orphans returned the right to privileges at receipt in high schools. It is very important that the regional higher educational institutions have introduced regulations change and they strictly followed, since we are talking about one of the most unprotected categories of citizens, ” said Beglov.

This year, he said, in a single voting day on September 14 in the Moscow region is planned 369 election campaigns for the elections of heads and deputies of municipalities.

” Our common task is to create conditions for the organization of elections and the rights of citizens”, – he added.

Then the floor was taken by the Governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov:

– I would like to see our regional Prosecutor’s office with the support of the General Prosecutor’s office, did start the process of moving to the Moscow region. I think it’s important. The territory of this country, and there is a need that all domes law enforcement agencies housed there. Such work, we will conduct for prosecutors carried out their professional activity in modern conditions.

In General, the Governor praised the work of the Prosecutor’s office and noted that for the year after meeting and entry into the post very much. But we must go further and work together, continuing the fight against illegal migration, illicit markets, dumps.

The main report was made by the Prosecutor of the Moscow region Alexei Zakharov.

– This year for the first time in many years period, the total number registered in the field of murders and cases of willful infliction of grievous bodily harm with a deadly outcome has fallen below the thousand mark, ” he said.

Crimes of average weight decreased by 2.7 percent, murder by 18.3 percent.

In 2013 the region was registered 2171 crimes – 2 percent less than in 2012, it reduced the number of thefts, robberies and robberies.

At the same time, the Prosecutor of the region noted an increase of 9 percent in the number of especially serious crimes, including 25 percent of acts of banditry and more than twice – extortion.

The head of regional Prosecutor’s office did not rule out that the decrease in recorded crime may be explained, along with the decriminalization of society, the possible manipulation of statistics, irregularities in the registration of crimes and, as a result, distrust of citizens who sometimes don’t see the point to address in law enforcement bodies.

In this connection the public Prosecutor of Moscow has demanded “to take comprehensive measures to ensure the objective and impartial picture of the real state of crime and the strengthening of registration discipline”.

– Must be registered each offence and for each such message must be conducted of all verification activities with the adoption of a lawful and reasonable decision – demanded Zakharov.

Of particular concern to the Prosecutor of the Moscow region causes of ethnic crime.

– As practice shows, often these citizens committed the crime as part of the sustainable criminal groups formed along ethnic lines. This trend is very worrisome, ” he said. – Be aware that the tightening of immigration policies always causes the release of large numbers of migrants who had previously worked illegally on construction sites, shopping sites.

Zakharov demanded the adoption of effective measures to curb the involvement of new people in the crime, including the most dangerous species of robbery, kidnapping, extortion, drug trafficking.

Foreigners occurs every seventh of the number of solved crimes, which is unacceptably high level. More than 95 percent of crimes committed by foreigners had on the citizens of neighboring countries.

In the suburbs in 2013 by 16 per cent increase in the number of crimes in the sphere of drug trafficking (from 11.2 thousand in 2012 to 13 thousand in 2013).

According to Alexei Zakharov, this suggests that to reverse the situation and prevent further spread of drug addiction has failed. The highest level of drug crime in absolute numbers registered in the so-called satellite cities of Moscow (Lyubertsy, Moscow, Mytishchi, Balashikha, Podolsk districts and in Khimki).

The Prosecutor considers it necessary to focus not only on prevention but also on reducing the availability of drugs to consumers at the expense of activization of work on suppression of channels of wholesale supply of drugs in the suburbs.

Managed to reduce the number of “problematic” objects of shared construction from 121 to 87. As noted by Alexey Zakharov, last year the work on the protection of the rights of defrauded investors and co-investors share of housing construction was carried out at a different quality level, with emphasis on the use by prosecutors of preventive measures according to the results of the monitoring control information, law enforcement bodies, Executive authorities, court statistics and the actual objects and the corresponding outdoor advertising.

From 12 to 20 increased the number of persons engaged by the prosecutors to administrative responsibility. Maximum effectiveness differed checks conducted by prosecutors in the Balashikha district and in Reutov. In the coming year this work will continue, said the Prosecutor of the region.

In the suburbs last year 1 274 thousand veterans of the great Patriotic war in Moscow suburbs have improved their housing conditions.

He recalled that in may last year during the meeting the head of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev with the veterans in the suburbs, it was noted that the number of war veterans who were recorded as needing improvement of living conditions after March 1, 2005 was $ 1 540 thousand people.

The Prosecutor of the region noted the revitalization of the work of the Procurator for the protection of citizens ‘ rights in the housing sector. The number of detected violations in the past year has almost doubled (to 8.3 thousand). Prosecutors made twice as many protests, six-fold increase in the number filed in defense of the rights of citizens by prosecutors of court cases filed, from 9 to 36 increased the number of excited according to the materials of the prosecution of criminal cases.

– Given the leadership of the Moscow region plans for the further recovery of the housing sector, additional resources for the modernization of infrastructure and the elimination of dilapidated housing, the prosecution in the coming year needs to be further strengthened to eradicate the activities of management companies, as various kinds of abuse, and outright crime, including the so-called “raider attacks houses”, the creation of dummy operations and other, – said the Prosecutor of the region.

In 2013, the trend of reducing the number of juvenile crimes and their complicity. For 2013 in the suburbs committed 1448 of crimes in this category, which is 5 percent less than in 2012.

At 23.8 percent increase in the number of committed vehicle thefts.

The growth of juvenile delinquency is noted in the resurrection, Egorievsk, Zaraysk, Kashira, Lotoshinsky, lukhovitsky, Mozhaisk, Mytishchi, Ozersk, Orekhovo-Zuevo, Ruzsky, Serpukhov, Stupino, Taldom, Chekhov, Shatura, Shakhovskoi districts of the Moscow region, cities of Moscow Domodedovo airport, Railway, Ivanteevka, Klimovsk, Lytkarino, Pushchino, Russia, Reutov, Khimki.

In connection with the recent events in Moscow, when a minor student has made hostage-taking, murder and the attempt on the life of police officers, prosecutors of Moscow region appointed to conduct audit of compliance with legislation on the protection of life and health of students and employees of suburban educational institutions. The conduct of these audits is under special control of the head of the Moscow region Prosecutor’s office.

Further, the Board has continued to work behind closed doors.

Manipulation when acquaintance
The Prosecutor of the Moscow region demands to stop the manipulation of crime statistics On 6 February in Moscow was held a final extended Board of the Moscow region Prosecutor's…


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