Academy of magic tricks and stunts!


This is a standard lecture for beginners that are lost before starting to study a card technician. They want to know how most effectively to study the techniques and not to fall into an inferiority complex.

In a world not too many magicians, practicing the art of manipulation because it is art it is quite difficult to master. Lots of sites on the Internet promise you a fast and effective way of mastering a card technician for any few days or hours. Now, I can tell you quite honestly

only one. For a few hours or days serious card technicians volt or not to learn. Card world itself separates the goats from the geniuses. Many people come into a world of manipulation involved in the tinsel and the ability to perform miracles at the card table or in the company of friends. Of those who came, as in martial arts, remain few. Able to work for hours and years, to endure the inevitable setbacks. Card manipulations require three things -Patience, Discipline, Exercise. Neither one nor the other, nor the third most lacking.

You can reveal all the secrets of professionals, closed for passwords and club entrances and still it will be “throwing pearls before known animals.” That is why the professionals close it all from Amateurs. That’s why your in this caste, you have to make sacrifices – time, forces, money, studying and practicing. A professional gambler or a magician, on average, spends about $ 10,000 on his training.

Manipulative magic is the most attractive because it seems to the audience the most mysterious. And the most truthful. & wizards have more respect for those of their colleagues who own this art than those who resort more to magic, technical effects and gimikan” – artificial fixtures of various kinds.

When you first undertake the study of manipulation, worried, considering their hands are too big, then too small. You care about what you’re trying to do some reception and you have it. The card is not moving as it should, don’t hold on as needs and fall like they did.

The truth here is that most of the manipulations and tricks no one get the first time. Sometimes they don’t work and after a few weeks of training. 500 – page “Encyclopedia of slating” there tricks that are practiced for years! Although there are some that manage a few minutes after the beginning of development.

So, the trick volts or you will not succeed. However, you continue to practice them and gradually they begin to turn out at you once say, 10. But this means that you can already do them! And if you continue training, your chances of a successful execution will increase until you are doing them correctly and successfully 10 times out of 10. Zlatarov there is a saying: “You spend reception up until just can’t do it wrong at all desire”

The issue really is not whether you have a large hand or small. The problem is that when the card manipulation, you either use unusual combinations of muscles, or the muscles do not very characteristic of ordinary life movement. All of this requires training. But training takes time.

When you teach a technique or manipulation, you follow the first description of this technique. Pay attention to every detail. For example – what part of the map concerns a finger and so on. This is very important. In that sense, I (referring to another firm) can compliment the instructional video diamond Joker – they all chewed very carefully. Perhaps, along with easy-going style of presentation that distinguishes them video from most video on the topic.

So after reviewing the description of the technology start to do very slowly and very correct. The amount of detail you can be overloaded, but this is important.

Every day you need to fabricate a bit of time practicing movements. This should be done in a relaxed, good mood, and preferably (as in SLEiT) with your favorite music. This advice is Tommy wonder’s will help you avoid monotony and boredom. Map require as they say in Zen “Suge” – the highest degree of professionalism for the sake of professionalism”. You don’t have to think about anything besides the buzz that occurs when you correct or even incorrect execution. Working with cards, you repeat her life – her mistakes, failures, successes. This approach = approach the pros. If you are working out volt for example, think about how you are going to strip the next sucker, you will have a solid technique. Forget about it. These are the laws of the brain. If you think about the process of winning over someone in the process of training, your workout will not be as effective. If you’re going to do the technique for its own sake and for the sake of the art, then the victory you will have to follow one after another automatically. This is the familiar even psychologists phenomenon – trying not to spill the water from the glass, you will definitely shed. Want to create problems for yourself – do as you see fit. Want to make your life easier – listen to what I tell you.

No need for one sitting (especially at first) to spend on one meal more than 10-15 minutes, and the entire workout more than an hour. If your hands are tired, you start to get distracted, stop. You can’t force yourself to learn new things if you are not at the peak of readiness. If your hands are clamped or ache.

At this stage don’t worry about the full effects and what it cannot. Keep working and telling myself that everything will. It will be so. I you believe. I always repeat to myself the word “Suge” when I think that I’m not able to successfully do some technique or starting a new one.

the First phase is passed, when you can do the technique without looking at the description or pictures. After this majority includes a fourth speed, trying to do everything quickly and correctly 10 times out of 10. Instead, divide your workout into several parts. In one model a few times the whole effect, the other with two separate complex movements in the third – the whole chain from beginning to end including the manner of filing and distracting movements (misdirect). And so on around the circle.

Start doing all the routine (sequence) or the trick soon after you’ve learned not to look in the description – very important! Sleight of hand and manipulation make magic just by relying on memorized sequence of movements called “routename – standard strokes, chords, riffs, as they say in the music. By themselves most of the manipulations are not gimmicks and almost don’t fool anyone. But when they filed in the form of a series of small puzzles and maneuvers, when every movement prepares the following is the result and the result is magic. Which leaves the audience completely fooled.

It’s useful to remember those who mindlessly chasing a number of techniques and asks: “Give us some more volts, false shuffle,” and so on. This Is The “Way Of Tea”. Until you learn to lock pick, misdirected, ability to talk, combinations and so on – your volts (even the invisible) will be seen as naked black ass on eskimo beach nudists.

Practicing all the routine, do not forget from time to time to do “handwriting”, practicing slowly and carefully separate motions. Just keep working on it. After some time you will find that everything goes much more often than before. But don’t stop! Keep working to the fully automatic while you won’t need to look at the hands, or to think about what move comes next. You just start a routine, make it and bring it to the end. The commandment “black belt” of slating: “When you’ve reached perfection, then it’s time to start doing seriously”

Only now you can begin to apply all this in public shows or at the gaming table! not a minute before! You will gain confidence that you don’t need to be afraid to be exposed or to think about your hands. You can just talk to the audience, smiling at her, to divert attention.

Here’s how to explore the manipulation and tricks. It takes a lot of time and a lot of work. But once the technique is perfected, you will make it to the end of your life – like riding a bike or swimming. You will amaze the audience of other magicians of his art and manner of filing. And you will be proud of yourself without having someone to compete or someone to beat.

And these tips are useful not only to maps. Consider that I gave advice to you close to advice on how to play a musical instrument. You pass through a stage of awkwardness, during which people in General would prefer if you did not play. Then you start to progress comes in waves – lifting, fixing, slight decline – rise again and so on. And so you continue until, until you hit a skill all hell hell, including themselves!

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