Passion for restoring virginity

In the capital has increased the demand for the recovery of innocence. It turns out that the lost petal flesh in just half an hour can be returned to its original place!

My friend – fun and extravagant person – was getting married. And decided the future spouse on the first night, a surprise present: his… virginity. Knowing that the honor of the maiden Tanka lost 7 years ago at the prom, I was quite surprised.

“Oh, honey, behind you from life. Virginity can now recover!”

– all-knowing enlightened me Tatiana. Not believing the words of a friend, I began calling the Metropolitan clinic of plastic surgery. And found that indeed, today over at 300-600. E. it is possible to recover the lost innocence even mother-heroine. This service is offered by experienced surgeons in almost every clinic. This begs the question: who, other than my crazy Tanki, it might need? In the twenty first century in a country where the sexual revolution did come to pass?

“Innocence at all times appreciated, I remembered the words of Tatiana on the way to the Kyiv city Center of plastic microsurgery and aesthetic medicine «Certus”. – Never trust men who say they don’t care. Hypocritical. Actually everyone dreams that he is the chosen one was the first and only”.

A thin film in a girl’s body, designed to protect the delicate creation from infection, and played a crucial role in the life of the beautiful half. Before many peoples virginity was a requirement for marriage. The sheets after the wedding night showed everyone, and Woe to the bride, if they were not blood. Dishonored before the wedding the girls were killing their own brothers and fathers.

But, as explained to me by the Director of the center ’Certus”, candidate of medical Sciences Vasily Pinchuk, the presence or absence of the hymen – «hymen” scientific ” in itself is not what it says. One girl may not imagine what it looks like naked man and not have this films (for example, damage after injury in childhood). And the other will be sexually active and formally to remain a virgin if her hymen is sufficiently elastic. So the blood on the sheet – a very unreliable indicator of the presence of the maiden of honor the bride. According to statistics, 30% of virgins initiation of sexual activity is not accompanied by bleeding and pain. So the notion of innocence, rather, lies in the sphere of morality.

Clever daughters of eve in antiquity learned to mimic the loss of innocence. Some to try a man astray, inserted into the vagina a piece of sponge soaked in bovine blood, or a blood-filled fish bubble. Other to narrow the vagina used strongly astringent – water or myrrh tincture on the crowns of berries. And today, the hymen can be restored by methods of plastic surgery.

The first operation to restore his innocence was made by an Italian gynecologist Bernoulli own daughter in 1962. And just one year later, already 35 thousand European ladies regained honor in this way. Since then, the technique of hymenoplasty mastered many surgeons and gynecologists.

Today there are about 250 of methods of restoration of hymen. Here’s one of them: under intravenous anesthesia, the physician moves the sections of the mucosa in the vestibule and knits them, recreating the natural shape of the hymen. This operation lasts about 30 minutes, and “updated” the patient on the same day sent home.

The sutures should not be removed, they are applied using bioresorbable thread. According to Vasily Pinchuk, thus restored hymen sometimes even professional gynecologist can not be distinguished from the present. And as a future husband and a fortiori, all the more so when re-defloration blood appears always.

And still: why still hymenoplasty is so sought? As we found out, the main category of wanting to return the virginity of women from countries in the Caucasus, Central Asia and Turkey-countries where loss of virginity before marriage threatens the girl with disgrace. Brown eyed Akgul, for example, after studying 5 years in one of the capital’s universities, too close to beautiful Ukrainian guy Taras.

And when the time came to return home, suddenly remembered that in Turkmenistan is waiting for her 35-year-old fiance. The money collected whole Dorm. Zastavena beauty with a pure heart flew to her future husband, remembering the sweet embrace of Taras. What would have happened if Akgul came home “clean”? Her parents would be the subject of ridicule and bullying, and two younger sisters would never get married.

Trap for honest guys

Among patients and those who want to please a future spouse. 26-year-old Olga partner issued an ultimatum: “If the girl – get married if there is no ” good night, nurse!” I’m trying to figure out whether Olga to live with a man who puts such stringent conditions. “Why not? I want to get married. Acne for me – the only chance – frankly admits low chubby Olga. – Yes, he has a thing about virginity, and he believes that I am untouched. Not going to disappoint him”.

18-year-old Jack firmly believes that once her boyfriend sees the blood on the sheet, immediately will lead it to the Registrar. Because with tears in his voice and begs the doctor to return provalennuyu two years ago innocence. “what? Again, there is not the old maid”, ” I gasp. “you Know, now as hard to get married? – making round eyes, a cute companion. – And Dimka – the guy is honest, decent. Doctor, please, I’m a lifetime’m grateful…”

Often recovery services of innocence are prostitutes. Everything is clear: the price of the virgin several times exceeds the price of the superior girl “reusable” use. Some ladies sell their body, come to the clinic several times, in order to sell your integrity for a fabulous price.

To a surgeon or a psychiatrist?

Separately, I want to talk about the victims of their own complexes and error. 35% of women accessing the clinic with a request to restore innocence, do so entirely on their own. Typically, these ladies lose their virginity by stupidity and not as they imagined in sweet girlish dreams.

19-year-old Nina, the girl-a high school student, reluctantly tells how this summer seduced her in the rest home. Resort philanderer, pretty watering port-mannered in severity Nina, took her right on the sea shore, and the girl, to put it mildly, “mind”. “I felt like the last whore, afraid in a mother’s eye view”, ” she admits. Artificial restoration of innocence seemed her only option.

Money for the operation the girl was found. But by and large, Nina needed help not the surgeon, and psychologist. “This is very common case, ” commented Vasily Pinchuk. – the Woman who lost her virginity unwillingly (in alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, when the seduction or rape), believes that restoring virginity, she will correct the mistake and turn back time. Of course, the root of this problem – in the psychological sphere. But I had to deal with patients who, even after therapy sessions went to the clinic for restoration of virginity”.

In rare cases, hymenoplasty is used as therapy after the rape. This technique is justified. But in other… I look, of course, dissuaded from surgery. And you – you decide. But if you still decide to artificially restore honor to refer only to specialists. I had not then after weeks of torment, to escape to the clinic to do the reverse operation. Such cases also happened.

Virginity in price?

Here’s what I think about the girl’s innocence Ukrainian men.

From a physical point of view, virginity is not important, but from a moral – I think, Yes! Virginity girl should be first and foremost spiritual. But to the restoration of the hymen I’m negative. After all, it’s still a deception, which is no good in the end will not.

Dmitry Medyanik, 24, designer

Nowadays it is very hard to find a girl who remains in 17-18 years “intact”, and this is nothing to be done. Young people now grow up early. But I think virginity should not do cult or problem. The most important in a relationship should have trust!

Igor Vorona, 41, economist

I think every girl needs to choose herself: store innocence to his only male or not. Maybe someone is waiting for a Prince charming and a great love! And someone wants to take everything from life. But about the restoration of the hymen I hear for the first time. Interesting, and who is this now?


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