The art of headhunting


I f at the dawn of our civilization from the bounty hunters was too young to date, but now a lot of people would have paid dearly to get them under the gun. Modern hunters lost their bloodlust, dressed in expensive suits, and as a weapon used clear mind, cold calculation and the ability to persuade. We are talking about the elite recruiting – the headhunters. Become their prey akin to professional compliment, because this sniper targeting the only the best and brightest minds – professionals and high-class.

The modern labor market is not able to issue the desired number of

experienced and qualified personnel to meet the growing demands of business in human resource. And especially when it comes to finding leaders defining the future of the company, or narrow technical specialists, which in the afternoon with fire will not find. These usually do not sit without work, and therefore to sort through a pile of resumes on the online job in search of a suitable candidate, it is meaningless. To nurture employees through in-house training – is it expensive, unreliable, and long-term. Meanwhile, usually the key jobs require surgical closure, and in terms of personnel hunger proverb “the road spoon for dinner” is becoming more relevant than ever. In this case, the output of one – to take to Snitch rare specialist from the army competitors. The task is not easy, but because it is better to give her at the mercy of professional recruiters.

Peculiarities of the national hunt

In Russia headhunting (Executive Search) began to develop in the early 90-ies of the last century and is still gaining momentum. Recruiting agencies in St. Petersburg focused exclusively on direct search and recruitment of specialists, can be counted on the fingers. On the one hand, headhunting can bring good profits as the fee for finding the right employee comes to 35% of the annual income of the employed candidate. The salaries of such experts shall be calculated not in tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles. But there is another side to the coin: to pay “hunter” are not affordable to every company, but because the demand for such orders is low. Compared to other HR technologies (screening or recruitment), head hunting – service luxury segment, which implies exclusivity and professionalism in the search and recruitment unit “of superframes”. Russian recruiting companies still afraid to only specialize in headhunting, at the same time, more and more HR organizations open executive search division as additional services for very demanding customers.

Bring it, don’t know what…

Executive Search – complex business process which is a chain of interrelated procedures. And one of the key elements is close cooperation between the Headhunter with the customer. A clear understanding of customer requirements to their future employee – this is already half of success. Description of the candidate, issued in the format “I want the best of the best” won’t work, since understanding the “best” to each his own. When composing a portrait of an ideal “victims”, the hunter needs to have the information on the current situation in this field of business, understand the professional tasks of the search specialist, his personal characteristics, as well as to know the expected salary and the components of the compensation package – in General, to delve into everything related to the vacancy and future employees. In addition, the Headhunter is necessary not only to thoroughly examine a dossier on his potential prey, but also to remove the so-called “profile” of the client company. Now, with this, by the way, there may be some problems, as customers usually do not hurry to talk about themselves, hiding behind the hackneyed phrase “trade secrets”. However, by order of the parameters of the company are as important as the parameters of the candidate. Financial position, the niche occupied in the market, mission, goals, organizational and corporate structure – this information is necessary for the hunter-the personnel officer, otherwise in communication with the candidate he’s risking to be trapped and will look incompetent. The main advantage of agent – a complete and full awareness, and it will not be possible without close cooperation with the customer and trusting relationship between the parties.


Thanks to the well-composed portrait ’s the perfect employee” of the Headhunter can significantly narrow down the search. The next step – gathering information for the identified candidates, and such “zeroing” is one of the most difficult stages in the work of the recruiter: many companies have heard about the machinations of bounty hunters, and therefore kept behind seven seals information about their most valuable staff. And this antihunters policy is justified: there are cases when the hunters managed to get not only a top specialist, but his entire team, as well as key customers of the former employer. Clearly, this mass migration threatens the office-the donor serious losses and even bankruptcy, so many companies try to protect their Asses from a dangerous and questionable links. However, and on this score the hunter has its tricks. To retrieve the information the researcher to begin to socialize with “gunner” – suppliers, dealers, customers, donors. Wildest agents immediately turn directly into a company with interesting experts. However, to get the “body” planned professional have to try on the role of James bond and to be armed with any appropriate legend – well, for example, when communicating with the Registrar of firms of the donor to pretend to be a journalist who wants to interview commercial Director, or a disgruntled client, requiring the phone to his superiors, or even the Director of a school child of the desired employee. Ways to ingratiate himself many – select the desired agent of the legend depends on the situation and the imagination of the hunter.

Recruitment is headhunters

So, the Headhunter was able to fend off an army of secretaries and managers, and to get the coveted phone number of the desired employee. Left to convince that employee to pass under the flags of the Contracting authority – «Shantal” it, in other words. You need to offer the employee such conditions, from which it will be difficult to refuse. It would seem that it is easier – to lure him a higher salary, and the trick! However there is a nuance here: the objects of attention of the headhunters – people are very wealthy, and wealth is often sidelined. Usually their motivation connected with prospects for growth, meaningful aspect of the work, new interesting projects – it is necessary to press. But if the applicant is primarily interested in high wages, the hunter is wary: this specialist conducted for money, reliability is no different – one never knows, some other hunter with the same ease will lead him from the company of the customer. Talented Headhunter is able to identify attractive side of the customer and match them with the motives of a potential candidate to eventually, like the matchmaker to bring together both sides.

And, as befits a self-respecting matchmaker, the agent is obliged for some time to ensure how relations between wooed by the specialist and his new employer: to act as a consultant to help solve them occur in the early stages of problems and conflicts. Such custody shall continue until the expiration of the “warranty period” of services.