Witty answers

Following the funeral, at which I’ll be yours.

Your mom’s abortion except you didn’t?

What you look terrible, doesn’t mean it’s the same news.

Here’s the chair and the cloth: sit down and shut up.

Turn around! You’re ruining my aura.

I’m not mocking those whom God has already make fun.

Are you stupid? Or is it just the image?

Do focus dissolve in the air.

Listen here, the victim of the drunk midwife.

– I fools road is not inferior!

“I concede, come on in.

From the perspective of paradoxical thinking and astral your skull not up to world standards, so I think further discussion with you pointless.

And, you can, with the universal sadness in her eyes and Shakespearean intonation: Go away, you disgust me.

Do not ever fall for the regression.

It is not necessary to demonstrate variant deficit development.

I would have sent you, but you are there every day.

I’d like to see the world from your point of view, but can’t put your head in the ass.

Lick the wall socket, cute!

Patstalom? Bravo! Finally You’ve found your place in life!

Girl, do not RUB so hard the mirror! It is not to blame.

Dear! I guessed what stone have you sign. Judging by your face – brick!

And I had a doll and her name was Fable, she looks just like you.

Right giggle. Your teeth don’t laugh!

I could have picked you a boot in the face, Yes I will not. From this you will become more beautiful!

The girl, and you in the childhood were cute? Or as it is now?

Tell me, when’s your birthday? Interestingly, when the nature of the output.

Hey you, dead-end branch of evolution!

I’m a goat? In Zimbabwe, the goat is a Holy animal. Pray for me native.

Note — the baseboard. And remember, this is your level.

Who rustle, a bag?

Don’t be mad. Pimples come off.

Be silent I’ll be when you’re lying in a coffin, but for now listen and do a smart person, at least.

Be careful, for mine anger is righteous will Shine on your face with a baseball bat.

You may not notice, but others are not very interesting to observe the manifestation of your low level IQ.

I’d tell you, but my upbringing does not allow it.

If you could kill with a thought – you’d be dead already!

Long thought? This burn is as old as the turd of guanajato, and do not say that he came up with, in your mental faculties I was disappointed!

You’re so smart! Your head too tight?

You say that like you have in Karaman spare jaw lies!

Your childish attitude are cheaper than my tights!

– Come on!

“I Russian not understand. I taught German!

– Wroten secretin, ueben sebian!

Your right to an opinion does not obligate me to listen to nonsense

Why should I suffer because God does not reward someone with brains

“I see you have one extra chromosome.


-Speak down similar

I’m a man of exceptionally polite and intelligent, but with you assholes fuck I won’t communicate!

Not by words but by deeds – you’re not a man, you’re a hooker

Hey, boy, my mother had me laugh so I was happy!

Well, I’m the bear on an ear has come. And you probably slept.

Shit! Don’t piss off! Already the corpses to hide no where. It’s okay, I’m kidding. Places to fuck!

I live opposite the cemetery. Will fuck up, you live across from me

But if what’s not to like pack up your things and make conclusions

I’m with you yourself feel so smart.

– Quiet, nightmare practicing veterinarian!

Your name Mukhin and you’re done

Ass words did not give

When you are silent so smart they seem.

Don’t even know what’s worse – your shirt or smile.

Don’t smile please. I have a childhood fear of horses

It’s right over there

Now the spine will discharge in panties

You are so beautiful to me!

From the point of view of banal erudition, not every individual can make their own decisions and because I see that your IQ is lower than my, I don’t see any reason to continue this conversation

Hey, fuckface! Buy yourself a spanking and spank from here.

To talk to You on the same level, I need to lie down.

Please note – the baseboard. And remember,this is your level.

She isn’t sick. She always looks like that.

I bet that you were conceived on a dare!

Yes, the beauty of the world you will not save.

You nature’s glorious rest!

I’d sent you, yeah see you there.

And you make-up a La Valuev.

Your mind is able to Eclipse the light of the lamp.

Leaving? Why so slowly.

Can you go to? And then me in the face to give you is not convenient.

” Sorry I’m late.

— What happened?

— nothing, I just didn’t want to come.

God was offended and did quite right

Of the positive qualities you have only the “RH factor”.

I live opposite the cemetery.Will be off-will live in front of me.

You will be hard broken hands, teeth from the floor to collect?

Tell me again that I am rude. And two more times goes on.

I think it’s a talent to be rare mudam, but all that much.

I want to be healthy? Easily! Take the rope and popessa in the corner!

You spread at least bone marrow.

Don’t worry, I forgot your name.

If you could kill the idea — you’d be dead already.

Tell me who I am, and I’ll tell you how much you underestimated me.

Your right to his own opinion still does not obligate me to listen to nonsense.

Speak, speak. I always yawn when I’m interested!

Yesterday I peeked in your horoscope. Health: the stars of ulybautsya you. Money: the stars of ulybautsya you. Sex: stars just die of laughter.

When the stork brought you to your parents – they laughed a lot and wanted to take the first stork.

You do’er in childhood was not scared?


-Not so much.

Don’t be kissing my feet! I’m not proud, you got it.

Dear girls! Silently envy! From what you pee*wee beauty will not be added and the breast will not increase!

Another “Weak” in my direction. and your dad sweated in vain.

I beg you, turn away, or I have Breakfast in my stomach come back

VK is the site for normal people,and those frostbitten brakes,like you,it’s time to create a new site – Stance.

– My feet like a Gazelle! These slim? There, covered with hair.

– What are your long legs… Especially the left.

Come vacuum in the wilderness

Today a guy I know wrote:

And heard heard her sing a beautiful car girl hearing the replica two guys “look, nebis much sucked for such a machine is“ turned and said “I will call you on helicopter blow job”

Well and faces the guys had, I almost died from laughter

Go on, go on! When you say, I feel so smart.

Go on-open it. before I give you your Russian is not sent

You dislocated? In the Elevator he was born? Or the debil in which detstve bit? Japany you PA the Galawa, you’re a drug addict or something, bitch?)))

Sound like you have a spare in your pocket the jaw.

You have a bad scent from your mouth!

Furious, kada on the handrail in the transport allocative, auj laguzza! So tempted to say: “You their skills in transport do not show! It’s not the pole!“

Words can offend. dictionary-sibiti))))OKAY.

Give me the gun and I will tell my opinion))))))

He broke my heart,and I his nose

Not the Hami boor, Boorish.

Say say..I always yawn when I’m interested!

You’re an unidentified flying object! Go out the window from the fifth floor on the asphalt – nobody recognizes.

With such terragame only in the corner stand

-Can you drum to give?


-Will lead the convoy, going to x*y!

You butting in to my life, because its failed. Yes. Poor. Well that’s OK then.

is a girl with a beautiful ass,her two types,one says:“this machine”.

Girl:“you have not the category that used to work on it”:-D

What are you smiling at? 32 – the norm? Don’t need to show my teeth, I’m not a dentist

Don’t get on my nerve. I have nowhere to hide the bodies

I like you Mario jumped on top

Your mom’s abortion except you didn’t?

-Wanker you in the mirror you’ll see!

You in childhood clowns on the bus forgot.

You’re not handsome enough to be rude to me.

Why Ty so angry today? With broom fell,or what?

Go killer whale catch!

You a list of lost ,what are you afraid of

Are you mad? so you’re wrong.

With a banal point of view of my scholarship

your emotions in this concept,

neonicotinoids with the actions of your thinking

-look man with glove to toe and said, “Yeah.happens in life and such)“

If you don’t like me – are allowed to shoot.

YOU: What R u doing?

YOU: my pants do!

YOU: I thought.

YOU: Rooster, too, thought bathing until the water is boiling!

Here’s another interesting about the rudeness:

“the causes of mass vulgarity to be found in our past. Generation of Soviet children were taught to hide their emotions: “You are a pioneer, and pioneers don’t cry”. Feelings that have no outlet, shape, internal tension and escalate into aggression. “Culture of education and communication in Russia is generally very power – said the candidate of philosophical Sciences,

psychologist Jan Dubeikovskaya. – The child is under constant pressure from adults, deterrence, punishment is the main weapon of the Soviet and largely post-Soviet education. To eliminate these vestiges

-And you good day/blood not coughing/x*y is not a path, remember, m*ndw*scale;

– So grim/loaded (question from strangers and not from relatives/friends/acquaintances)

– Blood of napilasja/want to kill you

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