To grow as a seducer


Those who once were middle class, now not even elite

R asharee judgment: intellectuals caved under the power… really? Oh, my God! Intelligentsia — and suddenly caved in?

Speaking a little more seriously, what is this: somehow withstood the test of stagnation, a significant portion of preserving dignity, and confused before the “market” and “controlled democracy”? Or not in this case? Just running out of steam? Alone with the “freedom” depressed about the notorious kitchen, reservations, whatever you say, cozy restricting

themselves claim. Etc.

Will think about it. Paspalidium.

…The word “intellectual”, as we are assured (I personally haven’t tested), casual put belletrist Boborykin in the sixties of the last century. That’s the word, the concept, and when appeared the phenomenon?

Nikolai Berdyaev said that Pushkin and the Decembrists themselves not being intellectuals, not forming part of the intelligentsia, preceded her appearance, had in the Bud her features revealed by Tolstoy and Dostoevsky (note: ideally embodied in Chekhov). “The great Russian writers of the nineteenth century will do not from excess of joyful and creative (as supposedly worked Pushkin, “Renaissance”, according to Berdyaev, so he wrote this word, figure. — PT. R.), and from the thirst for the salvation of the world, from interceding and compassion…”.

Although I think it is etched in Pushkin this process, the transformation happened, a miracle: for a creative destiny gone the way of “excess”, from “renaissancethe” from Guys and Voltaire, from epicurism and “Gavriliada” — to “Boris Godunov”, “the Stone guest”, “Feast during the plague”. And here’s a smart and strong king crushed by the consciousness of his sin; careless seducer, a true hero of the Renaissance, suddenly feels a hitherto unknown dependency from love; “canny Chairman, again like a native of the Renaissance Decameron, ceases to revel in its cynical freedom, smitten and captivated by compassion…

However, before Pushkin — is Derzhavin, not singing on the area of freedom, as in a Golden cage, did not cherish in his own property, without which the unthinkable traditional intellectual: personal dignity?

Have you. How sad pun it’s a great name could not emerge from the depths of memory, when recently Derzhavin, Mikhail, good actor and, as far as I know, a nice man, receiving from the President the award, asked him on behalf of the people (and how I missed a referendum?) to stay for a third term.

That’s because, apparently, the old man himself said, and probably sincerely (well, the person was tired, need to relax or at least take a little rest) that will relinquish their powers in 2008, and these… Sorry, but I remembered Pushkin: “the sovereign Himself this Dobrokhotova /didn’t want the smile award: /Sycophants, flatterers! try to keep/ And meanness in the posture of nobility.”

And Derzhavin — no, this time is no longer ours, and that, listelli seemed to be rampant, as almost all writers of the eighteenth century, suddenly — not suddenly, in the fact of the matter! — my answer is a categorical no to the former state Secretary of the late Catherine the Khrapovitsky, who will advise him to renounce the former praises, for example, Potemkin: “…Today you hide me those crooked, just the guy I’m pohvala”. Before, during the life of the Empress, when the same Secretary of state will call Gavrilo Romanovich throw Scripture Satyr and return to the glorification of power: “…Sing another, sing to the Felice, praise praises to heap on her”, and then refuse. Understand: the inspiration for this was exhausted.

The gift itself that “Felitsa” by the word of Derzhavin, “paliwala” him about the new glory…

And so, Pushkin beginning and the famous compilation “Milestones”, the act of intellectual samoobladanie (as swarmintelligence Czechs could, had the right — it is the call of impeccable intelligence, understood as “peacelounge and compassion, properties, in fact, Christian anger certain people fellow, whatever you say then, “layer” slugs and wood lice), “Milestones”, in short, is the end. Oration, or rather a yell.

Of course, knowing “Milestones” wide, coupled with the social atmosphere that gave rise to the collection. I will remind, 1909.

What to do, have already passed the era of country doctors and teachers, ascetics, which are always less than you want and than it seems, but which form the core of the era, or at least the phenomena characterizing the era…

And in asceticism, and in not being able to qualify for a plurality that is too idealistic-exalted? Supervisory Eugene Schwartz wrote that “in the beginning of the century (of course, the twenties, the era of the late Chekhov and “Milestones”. — PT. R.) doctors, lawyers, engineers were about the same level of development. What is secondary.”

Exactly! Secondary! (I will add, not even aware of a secondary role, but treestatenode, and looked, and dressed, and shaved, or rather, didn’t shave, retaining mandatory beards, of the same type. And fashion, so there was a certain, if not “class”, “poslouchej”?)

And Sergei Diaghilev, responding to a reporter taking interview him on what he expects from his “experiments”, says something to the current look odd to me:

“— Think I need to count on average (! — PT. R.) class, the intelligentsia, the same one that created the success of the Moscow Art theatre”.

‘t say because: spiritual, say, elite. On the middle class.

T AK or another, I guess, even October 1917, which roughly approximated the finals, starting and continuing the massacre of intellectuals, intellectuals under under something conciliar just drew a line.

“Social base” was already exhausted, was doomed — not by revolution but by evolution, irrevocably quickly began in kapituliruyuschaya Russia. Idealism has given way to a confident pragmatism: in General, the story, still keeping intellectuals, intellectuals were buried.

“Intellectuals”… Yes, the mere fact that there was — let demagogically dictated by the new power — shades of “technical” or “humanitarian” finally, “Soviet”, “working”, “farm”, “labor” (plus politically-emotional: “razmahnina”, “rotten”, “black”), that is, the word “intellectual” as he would cease to be a noun that embodies the essence has become an adjective, yielding semantic significance assessment — one that, say, shows that the whole — no. It is a fiction.

Although it is not fictitious and was antiintellectual young policy Councils, including the executions of those whom Lenin wrote off to “g…”, and “philosophers ‘ ships”, or rather, the steamships that carried — as hoped, the Leninists, to nowhere, oblivion — the pride of Russian science and thoughts…

In General, I think, in truth, not too afraid to make a mistake, in our current society is tempted to add: the more, the intelligentsia is simply no; though still not released in the derogatory sense that, say, what we really, not playing at our best, snout out. No, very close individuals, full-fledged intellectuals have them even a lot. But the intelligentsia — ended, long ago, was over at the time, the nobility, so awkward now reanimiruet.

With faces, however, to canonicalise? Or rush to deny, as many and sometimes not the worst: “I’m not an intellectual. Don’t want to be intelligent!”, losing the moral sense, like a bat on the nose of the dog. (Either that, in essence, kind of similar, showing arrogance. Remember, speaking on TV, Nikita Mikhalkov said: I’m not an intellectual, I am an aristocrat. After adding that he considers a true aristocrat and his father. Well, well.)

Again and again: as a Catholic intellectuals no idea it played a role, on the verge of dying was podtolknut to death, exiled, destroyed, leaving us — that’s the most important thing! — intelligence. Just as the nobility, also after retiring, left the notion of a spiritual aristocracy — not in michalowska, of course, the spirit.

Intelligence not as an accessory, but as a property, rather, as a system of prohibitions: the intellectual cannot afford-such, so-and-so, so-and-so.

Intelligence as the fact that today it’s harder to grow and grow, save, than in the old and defunct era, again exactly as preserved (kept to myself) aristocrats of the spirit no longer raises its cohesive shoulders bar: and commemorated the aristocracy, and the intelligence necessary to produce only their own efforts.

And even those, with what and with whom I started the article, that is “bent”… well, try not to offend them. We have now the craze is to declare that enough of us (them?) to be old Russian intellectuals, we must hurry to grow — at-European — intellectuals. Reasonable that is pragmatic.

‘ll stop. We assume that they have turned more like Europe. However, somehow very familiar, just like Russians. It sounds less insulting.



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