Office Trudolyubov porn stories


“All the world’s a stage, and the people in it are actors”

you-know-who said.

We often flirt and forget to stop and realize later that you weren’t an actor, and just a puppet.

Want to tell a story, from the memories of which I am ashamed, that wave of passion covers your head, and panties have to squeeze.

My name is Lena, I’m 25 years old. So fate decreed that anything I really do, except that floated on the waves of life and rejoiced in it, while parents kept everything was great. In my life the asset was only a kick-ass body that I willingly watched, but would catch the drooling male and not bother with having guys, I changed the way consistently. Time flew, and now a couple of wrinkles under eyes that no one sees, but not me. No, they haven’t strained it just more excited by the idea that time would have become more serious, the case can what to do. Thoughts are thoughts, and the parents are not eternal, and constant allusions to that time would have most of his future began to think to do with any good opportunities.

We ought to start working, I constantly repeated to myself, the more the financial situation was getting worse and worse.

Standing behind the counter and that someone assaulted it certainly wasn’t me, the production certainly did not want. Somewhere in the office, with air conditioning, you can still think. In General finishing accountant courses, which lasted up to several months, with good support links, my profile was agreed in one of the big bureaus, where I had to start working from day to day. Salary seems to be good and the company was solid, in the office, everywhere is clean, good repair, and the staff seemed friendly, seriously, I noticed when I was there another interview. There I met my boss, rarely a chief accountant are men. And maybe for the better noticed about yourself, and we women sometimes can’t find common ground, especially if I got some thread scary cow, which would not bear that her subordinate blatantly catches the attention of the male half of the company. We women know each other well and manipulate a will not give.

In General the head as the head, average height, smart, educated, not that handsome, but not ugly to name. Sleep would certainly can be for the sake of career growth, but I decided to make myself. But the attraction to him and the speech could not go. Forgot to say that to call him Sergei, 30 years old. Ring I didn’t notice, but as it turned out, just divorced.

At work, there was a strict dress code, so your favorite mini skirts and other armor emphasizing my stunned body to wear it. Except that strict business suits, trousers, and if your dress is strict. In principle, all dressed as he wanted, except that soaking the limits of decency.

In General, strict skirt above the knee, elegant blouse, long time I turned before the mirror, going to work, my thoughts: a good bitch.

First day at work, just like someone running around the office from Department to Department, office to office, someone ran into the computer, as if from the fact that solitaire will converge his life changed dramatically. Sat he was acquainting himself with the documents and slowly flowed into the work. With men’s looks I have never had any problems, in this case is no exception. In the kitchen the men were trying to hit and strike up a conversation, if possible, to be of any use. From courtship I never gave up, especially if someone will help me carry the heavy stack of papers or bring to the boiling water, and it is better with tea, not forgetting to put sugar.

Went labor day, gradually became involved in the work, made friends with the staff. In our Department besides me were a couple of girls, the guy Dimka (Yes, the same as in the previous stories was a stripper), and of the chief Sergey. My appearance girls were not too happy about it. Of course, she’s swell with long legs, all the attention on himself translated. Yes, and everything is constantly asking something. For Dimka was always happy to help, clearly freaked out. the girls even more. But they have not filed. Sergey behaved tactfully, slowly but surely giving the job so that no time was left to spin backwards near other departments. Neither my angel eyes or lungs tiresome sighs didn’t affect him. He was strict and seasoned, real head, alas stressed I am.

At the end of the day I’m usually in no hurry to run away first, so as not to create unnecessary talk about what I labtrack, which I actually was. Sergey, on the contrary always delayed, all kind of showing what he trudaine. All long been properly belonged to it, he’s supposedly the head.

One report followed another, I slowly bogged down in routine labor. But to work so did not want. I like to drink tea, but with the girls from another Department languages to scratch, and then flirting with a strong half. A stack of paper with your backlog has increased exponentially. Sergey has always been not to give away anything nibud, but to do my job for me didn’t hurry.

I was disturbed by the question is it more work, time, he constantly have to stay at work. Home its nothing much not pulled, as it was in the divorce, and everything is very responsible. But still plagued the only issue is that he stays and works. How to check I did not even know, well not to stay with him here alone for the satisfaction of some interest. The idea came quickly, on my friend’s car was a DVR. She could not understand why I need it, but once you have, explaining how to use this device I had. With her words on 4-5 hours of continuous registration.

At the end of the day my Desk as always littered with papers that I shift from one end of the table to another. I carefully installed the camera on a table near stationery coasters, an overview on the table of the chief was amazing. Randomly veiled recorder papers I, happy, collected her purse and left as if nothing had happened. Not forgetting of course to click on the cherished button “rec. “(recording).

The evening passed as usual. In the morning to work on time, discovering his artful “podgladival” in the same position I realized what the Scam was not observed. Throwing the Registrar in the handbag continued ton)) peregrinate paper, trying to understand what stopped yesterday. The day ended as usual, Dima came around like he cares about my stack of documents, the girls all stared at the monitor, occasionally exchanging glances and giggling in his spirit.

At home I was in for a surprise, or rather the surprise I brought and took her purse. For the whole day and I could not think what is on the flash card to the Registrar. Pulling from the DVR storage device is stuck in my laptop and started to browse. All view I certainly wasn’t going to, and then rewinding a bit in front. Sergey sometimes went out, apparently to smoke, and the first 40 minutes honestly worked with documents, I even wanted to finish watching as he suddenly put aside all the father’s side, he sat down before the computer and began to stare at the screen. Yeah he just stared, he ate with his eyes, never seen him so passionately something looked. So, I thought. Further it was interesting, Sergey spread her legs and leaned back slightly. Good review and great picture gave reason to suspect that the pants he’s got a real volcano of passion. Yeah-but the porn I decided to look at once saw through me. Then it was interesting, I myself could not imagine that this video would be so interesting and exciting. He pulled out his dick, which is not so easy to release and began slowly running your hand along the shaft, pulling the skin until the very end. It was hard to tear my eyes off this picture, my boss is sitting and fingering. For a moment I even caught myself thinking.

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